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The 40 Best Films of 2011
22 Jan 2012 // 3:00 PM

2011 was a year of good, not necessarily great, films, though the amazing choices by our staff might argue against such a overall cinematic classification.

The Best Indie / International Films of 2011
12 Jan 2012 // 3:00 PM

The year's best independent and international films are highlighted by a duo from iconic director Werner Herzog, a staggeringly brilliant frontier-western and a score of top-notch documentaries that illustrate how filmmaking continues to reach new highs.


Wim Wenders' Road Movies as Journeys of Disaffection
26 Jun 2016 // 8:15 PM

With his "Road Trilogy", Wenders suggests that to find our place, we must be displaced.


Compelling Sociopaths and 'The American Friend'
28 Feb 2016 // 8:10 PM

Dennis Hopper brings out the sociopathic characteristics of Tom Ripley in Wim Wenders' The American Friend.

An Eye for Beauty Beyond the Purely Physical: 'Pina'
10 Mar 2013 // 11:10 PM

By the time Pina Bausch died, she had become perhaps the most distinctive voice in modern dance.


'Pina' Sneak Preview at Stranger Than Fiction 12 December at 8pm
12 Dec 2011 // 12:30 AM

Breathing. When you watch bodies in Wim Wenders' Pina, you hear and see them breathing. In a movie about dancers -- about the work of

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'Fire Emblem Heroes' Is a Bad Crossover

// Moving Pixels

"Fire Emblem Heroes desperately and shamelessly wants to monetize our love for these characters, yet it has no idea why we came to love them in the first place.

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