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As If Response Were Based on Fact: A Conversation With Wire
17 May 2016 // 9:30 PM

It's been nearly four decades since Wire put out Pink Flag, one of the most seminal rock albums of the modern era. Now, with their 15th studio effort, Colin Newman and Graham Lewis are fiesty as ever with zero signs of slowing down.

Burning Bridges With Wire
20 Apr 2015 // 9:10 PM

Colin Newman is a rock legend. Wire have been churning out great self-released LPs for years, and their new one is no exception.


Wire: Nocturnal Koreans
20 Apr 2016 // 9:30 PM

Though Wire have radically reinvented themselves in the past, Nocturnal Koreans finds them aiming their formula just slightly to the left.

Wire: WIRE
21 Apr 2015 // 9:05 PM

Eponymous albums aren't for amateurs, and Wire's 13th chunk of full-length steel proves it.


Wire - Map Ref 41N 93W (Live on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)
19 Apr 2011 // 5:15 AM

Proving himself to be the most music nerd friendly late night host ever, Jimmy Fallon hosted Wire in what has to be their first ever

Wire Announce North American Tour Dates and Release New MP3
16 Nov 2010 // 3:30 AM

British postpunk ensemble Wire announced today its first string of North American tour dates (check the stops below). The tour will be in support of

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Indie Horror Month 2016: Executing 'The Deed'

// Moving Pixels

"It's just so easy to kill someone in a video game that it's surprising when a game makes murder difficult.

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