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Crazed by the Music
by Jason Gross
Perfect Sound Forever editor mouths off about popular/unpopular culture and all the things that support or impede it, inside and outside of the not-so-glitzy entertainment industry

Image from Jennifer Government, by Max Barry

Marginal Utility
by Rob Horning
So you think you're getting a deal, a real deal, from the designer/half-price-one-day-only-sale rack? Getting that 'shopper's high' that renders next month's impending credit card balance blissfully, albeit temporarily, meaningless? Well, that non-descript figure you elbowed out of your way by the fancy panties bin was in fact your conscience, and though it hovers politely in the back of your crowded mind, lest it get stepped on, it has a queasy feeling about what all this neat stuff really costs. It has a feeling that a whole lot of falsified cultural importance and advertising artifice is going into that Lexus luxury sedan spinning slowly, glimmering seductively, in the spotlight, over there. Your conscience would warn you, but... well, it's already off dancing to illegally downloaded tunes on its iPod. When shopping nirvana shrivels away like the mega mall growing incrementally smaller behind you at the end of a long day, and buyer's remorse begins gnawing at your nerves, and you begin to fret the futility of it all, Rob Horning's blog, "Marginal Utility", steps in to stimulate your woefully neglected neocortex. Read, laugh, weep, but above all: realize. You'll feel smarter again in no time.

Peripatetic Postcards
by Todd (tjm) Holden
Our prolific writer, Todd (tjm) Holden, pens his stellar compositions while flying at hundreds of miles per hour and thousands of feet above ground -- yet not a hair on his head gets ruffled. He contemplates his mysterious subject matter at "see-level"; that is, watching passersby from his wobbly perch upon a rather sticky plastic seat bolted loosely to the linoleum floor of a bus terminal -- yet his clothes never wrinkle. He writes with historical understanding, complex depth, and emotional sensitivity about his fellow travelers in these places we call home, in these times we call our lives, from the fifth, 15th, 50th (!) floor of whichever hotel room at whichever hotel in you-name-practically-any-city-in-the-world where he may be staying that night -- and never loses a minute's sleep. Holden is indeed the quintessential, renaissance travel writer. He waits in long lines and drinks bad coffee and day-by-day adds to his hard-earned stock of frequent flyer miles yet you, who ride along on this fine travel blog, "Peripatetic Postcards", you always get to read first class.


by PopMatters writers
PopMatters salutes New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta
People are starting to return. Life is slowly emerging again from the hurricane-devastated region. The air is beginning to clear. The waters are receding. Streets still cluttered with debris reveal the lost memories and the distant echoes of a million footsteps. Land that once held homes is now a silent, shattered terrain of individual dreams. Are they dreams lost? Or dreams to be awakened? This nightmare will end, we think. The homes will be rebuilt. And the life, song, and stories that were so swiftly and tumultuously washed away will rise from these murderous waters. The shadow of this devastation, cast over the whole national consciousness, is more significant than any blame game, more enduring than any storm. Since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, there have been reactions both political, as well as personal. The writers of PopMatters take this opportunity to remember the unforgettable and the unforgivable, the funny and the frigh! tening, and celebrate the extraordinary cultural heritage of New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta. The stories are just beginning, again.


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