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October 2012

‘Emily Owens, M.D.’ Premieres on the CW on 16 October

As Emily tries to sort out how to get close to Will, she relies on advice from her 12-year-old patient, because, you know, boys are so baffling.

‘Unfinished Spaces’ on PBS’ ‘Voces’ Starting October 12

But the ghosts and spirits in the wonderful documentary Unfinished Spaces aren't so much dead as they are waiting.

The CW’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Is a Disappointing Spin on the Original Series

The late '80s series Beauty and the Beast has been re-imagined by The CW with disappointing results. Even with original creator Ron Koslow aboard, the premiere episode failed to deliver on the promise of its forebear.

‘Chicago Fire’: More of What You’ve Seen Before

Chicago Fire premieres on NBC at 10pm on 10 October.

‘Give Up Tomorrow’ on PBS and DVD on 4 October

"I was not given a fair fight," says Paco Larrañaga, imprisoned in the Philippines. "I was not given a chance to defend myself."

‘The Witness: From the Balcony of Room 306’ on Documentary Channel 10/4

The film underscores importance of Civil Rights workers' memories today, as US citizens contend with increasing efforts to restrict basic rights -- to vote, to work, to have access to education and health care.

‘Broke’: ‘30 for 30’ Returns to ESPN on 2 October

The athletes -- all men -- describe their great wealth and their bad choices, their excessive consumption of cars and women and jewelry.

September 2012

Superb ‘El Velador’ on PBS and online beginning 9/27

The bodies in the cemetery in Culiacán, Mexico are numerous. Many of them died young, victims of Mexico’s drug wars. Gang members and

‘Frontline: Battle For Syria’ on PBS 18 September

Frontline reveals the complexities and agonies of a battle waged in a city, where parents and children try to go about their daily lives.

‘To My Great Chagrin: Brother Theodore’ on Documentary Channel 9/19

During the 1960s and '70s, Gottlieb was at once an oddity and a perfect comic persona, refining his "stand-up tragedian" act in nightclubs and on TV.

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//Mixed media

'Staircase' Is Gay in a Melancholy Way

// Short Ends and Leader

"Unfairly cast aside as tasteless during its time for its depiction of homosexuality, Staircase is a serious film in need of a second critical appraisal.

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