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May 2011

What’s the Appeal of ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

I've tried to appreciate the courage it takes for non-dancing D-lister's to perform outside their comfort zone. Really, I have.

‘House’ of Blues: Hugh Laurie in ‘Perspectives: Down by the River’

‘A middle-aged, middle-class, balding Englishman has no business playing the blues… But what do you do about it?’

The Top 5 Candidates for Regional Manager at ‘The Office’s’ Dunder Mifflin

With a celebrity guest list the Oscars is envious of, this year's season finalé of The Office carries an equally intriguing question: who will replace Michael Scott?

Reality TV: Society’s Trash or Greatest Masterpiece?

Since it's inception, reality TV has divided our culture into two camps; those who love to hate it and those who hate to love it.

Five Reasons to Boycott Home Premium

The new video-on-demand service, Home Premium, may seem like a convenient way to stay current on recently released films, but the dangers far outweigh the benefits. Boycott! Boycott!

‘Happy Endings’ Subverts a Gay Stereotype or Two

Happy Endings essentially proved that anyone can fit into any kind of stereotype, which is pretty forward for a sitcom whose characters play off of archetypes like "the gay male best friend who gets around."

‘America’s Next Great Restaurant’ Is the Next Great American Dream

Reality shows that promise the American Dream keep contestants lining up and audiences tuning in.

Feeling at House in Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is the How the Other Half Lives of period dramas. But rather than inside/outside, upstairs/downstairs emerges as the central division.

‘Life After People’: The Unbearable Lightness of Not Being

How an abandoned mall and some dead dinosaurs may be the key to the mysteries of the universe.

Glenn Beck Inexplicably Targets My Chemical Romance

Or, as he says it on air, "Chemical Romance".

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Guster + Kishi Bashi Perform at Central Park Summerstage (Photos)

// Notes from the Road

"Guster's Summerstage performance was a showcase of their infectious and poppy music from the last 24 years.

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