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October 2012

When Shakespeare Comes Knocking: Exclusive Preview of “Fables #122”

Quietly over the summer, Bill Willingham's Fables passed the 120-issue mark, and celebrated ten years of unbroken publication. Now, with "The Destiny Game" the series enters a new evolution…

Prehistory of Violence: Exclusive Preview of “Minutemen #4”

"Ad fontes", Erasmus' rallying cry for secular humanism speaks to a moment when the past is leveraged to confront the threats of the present, at the expense of the future. It is a crucial moment of crisis, and one that appears perennially through human history. And one rendered beautifully in Darwyn Cooke's Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4. Here's your exclusive preview.

The Dealmaker and the Damned: Exclusive Preview of “Demon Knights #13”

In Demon Knights #13, Etrigan's plan for betraying his comrades is finally revealed. But the in-story encounter with Lucifer is eerier than it somehow should be. Is writer Paul Cornell hinting at Lucifer being machine code AI?

September 2012

The Ghosts That Haunt Me Still: Exclusive Preview of ‘Superman Action Comics #13’

When Grant Morrison dedicates this story to Ray Bradbury, it is more than simple a sign of respect for a past master and admiration for a formative influence. It is an abiding statement about a radical shift in the nature of our relationship to our fiction, and our past.

Becoming Jonah Hex: Exclusive Preview of “All Star Western #0”

"I remember not wanting to like it, but I did…" Please enjoy your exclusive preview of the forthcoming All Star Western #0.

Object Lesson: Exclusive Preview of “Nightwing #0”

Almost the entire story of Batman's origin is encapsulated in that moment his mother's string of pearls shatter. Now, in Nightwing #0, writers Tom DeFalco and Kyle Higgins introduce an equally mythic object for Dick Grayson…

Back to Before the Beginning: Exclusive Preview of “Superboy #0”

With the first week of DC's Zero month already concluded, the company once again makes a statement about the role of vitality in popculture. Perhaps nowhere more so than Superboy #0

August 2012

Come to This: Exclusive Preview of “Silk Spectre #3”

What is it about that song of Fun.'s? Maybe exactly the same beautiful, complex thing at play in Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #3. Download your exclusive preview in this post…

Finding Nemo: Exclusive Preview of “Aquaman #12”

"Nemo dat", as the Latin adage goes, "quod non habet". "No one gifts what they do not own". As the New 52 Aquaman rounds out its first year, Geoff Johns underlines his groundbreaking "ownership" of the character, one that has seen Aquaman well-defined and relatable for perhaps the first time in recent memory.

“When This Began…”: Exclusive Preview of “Green Lantern: New Guardians #12”

Some of the most endearing reboots of the New 52 have been the older intellectual properties, now long abandoned. New Guardians in particular, stands out as a secret staging area for what new spins on classic ideas could become.

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