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February 2015

TerronRissa: “Solo per la Verità (feat. Lord Madness)” (audio)

Aimed squarely at house parties across Italy’s suburbs, TerronRissa dispense their rhymes with humor and easygoing charm.

Complicated Animals - ‘In This Game’ EP (album stream) (Premiere)

The charming duo Complicated Animals is releasing a new EP and forging a new sound, one they are calling "Indie Nova".

‘Now53’ Is a Veritable Grab Bag of Chart Toppers (audio) (Sponsored Post)

Now53 is a big party, and all of the biggest and brightest stars in music of the present are invited.

CONTEST: The Stan Lee Starter Set

Enter for your chance to win this set, which includes a $50 Visa gift card, The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence, Meet the Marvel Super Heroes, a Stan Lee t-shirt, and candy bar.

Anthonie Tonnon - “Water Underground” (audio) (US Premiere)

New Zealand's own Anthonie Tonnon's pop smarts are in full display on his latest single, "Water Underground".

January 2015

KNTRLR - “Halogen” (audio) (Premiere)

With minor key synth arpeggios and a totally danceable mood, KNTRLR's "Halogen" is the second track from the electronic duo's debut record, The Great Filter.

Wasted Wine - “Fall Upon Me” (video) (Premiere)

The darkly romantic cabaret of Wasted Wine's "Fall Upon Me" is perfectly captured in its music video, an opaque depiction of deception and intrigue.

Live Footage - “Lost (Frank Ocean cover)” (video) (Premiere)

The minimalist funk of Frank Ocean's "Lost" gets a unique treatment in the hands of the cello/drums duo Live Footage, all of it captured on a GoPro camera.

Pawns or Kings - “Light Over the Ridge” (video) (Premiere)

The latest video from the Ozark Mountains folk group Pawns or Kings, "Light Over the Ridge", is an intimate depiction of feeling at home -- just as you're about to leave it.

Prima Donna - “Deathless” (audio) (Premiere)

Beatles-esque vocal harmonies meet clap-along rhythms in the latest number by the Los Angeles rock outfit Prima Donna, "Deathless".

December 2014

November 2014

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Counterbalance: The Avalanches' 'Since I Left You'

// Sound Affects

"Get a drink, have a good time now. Welcome to paradise, and read all about the 305th most acclaimed album of all time. An Australian plunderphonics pioneer is this week’s Counterbalance.

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