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October 2011

Hurricane Bells - “The Ghost of Her” (video)

Inertia and indifference are clearly in, chez Hurricane Bells; innovation and, well, a pulse to prove life, are evidently out.

Ryan Adams - “Lucky Now” and “Invisible Riverside” (Videos)

Two tracks off the new album presented in highly contrasted fashion.

‘Frontline: The Anthrax Files’ Premieres on PBS This Week

The U.S. government maintains that its work was sound, and that Bruce Ivins is “their man.” Still, doubt lingers. And, as Director of the Institute for Genome Sciences Claire M. Fraser-Liggett sums up, “If he wasn’t the perpetrator, then it means the other person is still out there.”

Death Cab for Cutie - “Doors Unlocked and Open” (Cut Copy Remix)

Death Cab for Cutie gears up for remix EP next month with the first of their weekly leakings of the albums seven tracks.

‘Tribute to Gail Dolgin’ at Stranger Than Fiction on 11 October.

“I cannot imagine my life here as opposed to the United States,” says Heidi Bub. She’s traveled back to Vietnam, where she was born

Junior Boys - “Banana Ripple” (video)

At first it’s kind of hard to make out what’s going on in this Rollo Jackson-directed clip for Junior Boys’ “Banana Ripple”—it’

Ólafur Arnalds Opens Up Living Room For Fans

Icelandic music master creates new album in one hot week.

Him & Her: Nicole Atkins and Mick Fleetwood

So what if it's an extended tequila commercial? The pairing is unexpected and cool.

Rahsaan Patterson - “Crazy (Baby)”

If anyone in the neo soul/future R&B scene is holding Prince's ideals closest to their vest it's Rahsaan Patterson.

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"Rainer Werner Fassbinder is the whole show.

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