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June 2010

How to Write a Résumé... Because the Economy Still Stinks

Looking for a job? Chicago-based web comedienne Liz Thompson gets some résumé advice in the latest installment of her vlog series “How to Liz”,

The Backyard Sounds of Pogo in “Gardyn” (video)

Pogo, the Australian producer of “Alice” fame, has returned to YouTube with “Gardyn”. While Pogo famously mashed up tunes and clips from various movies (and

The 7 Year Bitch by Jennifer Belle - An Excerpt

Wondering what the fuss is about? Here's an excerpt from Belle's latest, The 7 Year Bitch, courtesy of Riverhead Books and Penguin USA.

In Honor of the Departed: ‘The Gary Coleman Show’ (video)

When a celebrity passes, we are often shown the same images in the news cycle over and over: Dennis Hopper on a motorcycle, Michael Jackson

Charlotte Gainsbourg - “Time of the Assassins” (video)

Here is the official video for “Time of the Assassins”, the second single to be released from Charlotte Gainsbourg’s rightfully lauded IRM. Whereas the

They Can Act, But Can They Sing?... You Bet

On the eve of the release of Get Him to the Greek, we highlight other films of the past where the lead actors shined not only in the spotlight, but in front of the mics too.

Born Ruffians Go Acoustic for Grandcrew.com

Just as Born Ruffians offer up their new album, Say It, this week, the band plays an acoustic session for Grandcrew.com.

Arcade Fire Announces Their Summer Tour, Tickets on Sale Today

Some mornings you wake up to great news that can carry you for the rest of the day until your landlord shows up and demands

Pixel - A Pixel Art Documentary

The humble pixel, millions of which we see everyday and take for granted, finally gets it’s due in the form of a fascinating short

Halo’s Master Chief Pulls a Hasselhoff

When Master Chief chills out, he like to go to a space bar, take off his helmet and SING! Then someone who looks sort of

May 2010

//Mixed media

Because Blood Is Drama: Considering Carnage in Video Games and Other Media

// Moving Pixels

"It's easy to dismiss blood and violence as salacious without considering why it is there, what its context is, and what it might communicate.

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