Mixed Media

April 2016

Dilly Dally - “Snakehead” (Singles Going Steady)

Dilly Dally does a great job at capturing the passion and energy of grunge and punk on "Snakehead".

Gold Panda - “In My Car” (Singles Going Steady)

Anthemic, pounding, and texturally variegated, it's a track that generates memories rather than calls them forth -- and the third-act koto ripple-breakdown is a moment of unequivocal beauty.

Clarence Bucaro - “Tragedy” (audio) (premiere)

Americana singer-songwriter Clarence Bucaro's songs possess a craftsmanlike sophistication in their seeming simplicity and spareness.

Cyndi Lauper - “Funnel of Love” (Singles Going Steady)

Cyndi Lauper made a good choice in covering rockabilly filly Wanda Jackson’s "Funnel of Love" from 1961.

Brian Eno - “The Ship” (Singles Going Steady)

Brian Eno delivers a breathtaking 21-minute epic that sounds like an out of body experience.

AJ Cornell and Tim Darcy - “Too Significant to Ignore” (video) (premiere)

Tim Darcy, the guitarist/vocalist for post-punk band Ought, and Andrea-Jane Cornell have created an exciting new experimental, electronic, spoken word project.

Steve Gunn - “Conditions Wild” (Singles Going Steady)

Steve Gunn's "Conditions Wild" is a pretty slice of psychedelic power pop.

Gabe Dixon - ‘Turns to Gold’ (album stream) (premiere)

Fast forward to 2016 and Gabe Dixon is a solo artist with a hot new sophomore solo Americana record, Turns to Gold, releasing Friday.

Coastgaard - “A Well Adjusted Man” (video) (premiere)

Indie pop band Coastgaard specializes in atmospheric and cinematic pop music, underpinned with surf guitar sounds from the '60s (The Ventures).

Land Lovers - “Angeline” (audio) (premiere)

Irish indie pop band Land Lovers look to the late '50s and early '60s for inspiration and focuses on creating little nuggets of delicious pop confection.

March 2016

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Exposition Dumps Don't Need Dialogue in 'Virginia'

// Moving Pixels

"Virginia manages to have an exposition dump without wordy exposition.

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