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October 2015

Quiet Hollers - “Aviator Shades” (video) (premiere)

The Louisville band continue to mesh Americana and post-hardcore on their new track.

Bodega Bay - “Performance” (video) (premiere)

Provocative lo-fi, art rock romp packed to the gills with dexterous wordplay and sub-three-minute blasts of perception that are surprisingly tuneful in spite of their non-production...

Stef Lang - ‘ARROWS Part 1’ (EP stream) (premiere)

The Canadian singer-songwriter has relocated to New York City and successfully reinvented herself as a modern pop/R&B chanteuse.

Foxymorons - “Always Come Back” (video) (premiere)

The duo return with a video as charmingly haphazard and fun as their music.

James and the Drifters - “Get the Spirit” (audio) (premiere)

The Indiana band return with a new lineup and a new dedication to classic soul music.

Rabit - “Snow Leopard” (Singles Going Steady)

Everything on Rabit's "Snow Leopard" is deliberate, like a great cat stalking its prey in the woods.

Sara Lov - “Trains” (video) (premiere)

The former member of Devics returns with a gorgeously photograohed new video.

Audrey Karrasch - “Euphoria” (video) (premiere)

The singer-songwriter finds freedom through honesty in her new video.

Starlight Girls - “Fancy” (video) (premiere)

Pop, disco, and synthpop converge on the vibrant new track by the Brooklyn band.

Porches - “Hour” (Singles Going Steady)

Hope you love your spot on the Urban Outfitters playlist for the next six months.

September 2015

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Moving Pixels Podcast: Our Own Points of View on 'Hardcore Henry'

// Moving Pixels

"Hardcore Henry gives us a chance to consider not how well a video game translates to film, but how well a video game point of view translates to film.

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