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November 2014

Regional Authenticity and Video Games

It’s refreshing when video games feel like they resonate with real places that I’ve been.

August 2015

Moving Pixels Podcast: Coming of Age When ‘Life Is Strange’

Time travelling and selfies are the central conceits of Life Is Strange.

Ubisoft Understands the Art of the Climb

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed and Grow Home epitomize the art of the climb.

Feeling Alone in ‘Everbody’s Gone to the Rapture’

I watch and I listen and I am helpless to provide solace to these people.

No One Wants You to Become an (App) Artist

So where can we exiled life-of-the-minders, expunged from the academic system as waste, take our once-cloistered but now liberated creativity?

With Great Power Comes No Responsibility

In Life Is Strange, Max isn’t using her powers to get rich or change the world. She’s using them to be popular.

Quiet Community Building in ‘Splatoon’ and ‘Rocket League’

From squid parties to replay trolling, I don’t really need to talk to my opponents or teammates to know who they are.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Searching for ‘Her Story’

This week we discuss the tactics and strategies of searching databases, solving mysteries, and how to determine the veracity of the stories that we tell ourselves and the stories that we tell each other.

The Joys of a Transient Game

When a narrative is built around twists and surprises, then no matter how well written the game is it won’t evoke the same feelings a second time.

Joining ‘The Flock’

The Flock is this back-and-forth effort by a group of people to become the light bearer. While you hold the light, those you shine it on must freeze or die.

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//Mixed media

The Eye of Lenzi: "Gang War in Milan" and "Spasmo"

// Short Ends and Leader

"Two wide and handsome Italian thrillers of the 1970s.

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