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June 2016

‘Overwatch’ and Anger Issues

I get angry in Overwatch not because I hate to lose, but because most of the time when I do lose, I can see so clearly how the loss could have been avoided.

Intimacy with the Devil: Horror and ‘the static speaks my name’

the static speaks my name creates an uncomfortable intimacy between the player and the protagonist.

The Moving Pixels Podcast Learns the ‘One Finger Death Punch’

Martial arts mastery is only two buttons away in One Finger Death Punch.

Combat Is Character Development in ‘Uncharted 4’

In Uncharted 4, combat has changed because Nathan Drake has changed.

‘Limbo’ Is About Childhood Because Childhood Is Limbo

Limbo is like summer because, when you are a kid, summer is like limbo.

Best of the Moving Pixels Podcast: Physicality in Video Games

This week we discuss how games simulate physical experiences and how those experiences add to our immersion in game worlds.

‘Uncharted 4’ Still Lets You Play the Way You Want to Play

When I play Uncharted, I don’t want to play efficiently. I want to throw caution to the wind and be irresponsible.

The Virtues of Selfishness in Co-op Gaming

The trouble with co-op gaming is cooperativeness.

Both Flesh and Not

In a sense, the player and the game are two parts of one unit. Physical meets digital, and flesh meets pixels.

The Moving Pixels Podcast Gets ‘SUPERHOT’

This week we discuss SUPERHOT's slow motion violence and methodical approach to murder.

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Explores 'This Is the Police'

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"This week we take a look at the themes and politics of This Is the Police.

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