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March 2016

The Politics of ‘Pandemic - Legacy’

It’s October, and the world is ruined. And I’m to blame.

Playing Sophisticated Trash: ‘Duke Nukem 3D’ and the History of the First Person Shooter

Trashy gameplay calls for trashy presentation, and sophisticated gameplay calls for sophisticated presentation. However, Duke Nukem 3D is a game that is constantly in tension between these two principles.

Learning to Breathe

It’s a strange and frustrating experience, trying to teach someone to play a game. You think about movements that have long become unconscious, a bit like trying to describe the exact mechanics of breathing.

The Best Travel Is Hard Travel

The brutality of a world forces me to pay attention to it as I travel, and because of that close attention, I come to see the character of the world.

The Taming of the Dude: From Harlequin Romance to Virtual Boyfriends

Dating sims and apps may bring a new level of interactivity, or even intimacy, to escapist romance, but they don't seem to me like a specific response to changing 21st century attitudes about sex and relationships.

Dying Is Painful, But Also Noble in ‘Darkest Dungeon’

We’re not struggling to survive just to survive. Our survival is a righteous act of defiance against evil incarnate.

The Barkley Marathon and Incomprehensible Game Design

The challenge of understanding something enough to beat it is part of the joy of unraveling incomprehensible game design.

Addicted to Death: More Thoughts on Gaming and Masochism

Maybe I'm addicted to critique, to learning through failure, or maybe I'm just addicted to the simple, clear reminder that video games give me sometimes: “Pay more attention, stupid!”

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Indie Horror Month 2016: Diving into 'Reveal the Deep'

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"In Reveal the Deep, the light only makes you more aware of the darkness

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