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Moving Pixels

October 2014

Dead at Last: Notes on the Consequences of Death on the Virtual Body

In games that feature perma death, by melding narrative consequence to mechanical consequence, a great deal of meaning is added to even the most routine of skirmishes. Death makes play matter.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Ghouls, Ghosts, and Gaming

In anticipation of Halloween, the Moving Pixels Podcast discusses a couple of indie horror games, The Cursed Forest and One Late Night.

Indie Horror Month 2014: ‘Eversion’

Eversion's most unsettling moments are when it changes its rules and mechanics without telling you.

The Labyrinths of ‘P.T.’ and ‘The Shining’

P.T. and The Shining engender obsession not by chance, not by contrivance, but by carefully and expertly placing the building blocks for our own self-constructed labyrinth, our playful search for meaning in art.

Cynicism, Recession, and the Resurgence of Cyberpunk

"Human nature might be augmented and highly channeled by technology, but human nature stays the same. And that tech might actually amplify all the worst things about us too."

Indie Horror Month 2014: ‘Claire’

Combine an already confusing maze of level design with the shifting planes and shifting angles of the game world, and Claire feels like it's purposefully trying to confuse you. Because it is.

The Mundane and the Magical in ‘The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’

Who knew that golden, verdant fields of wildflowers and ancient gods of unspeakable evil were so complementary?

‘Spec Ops: The Line’ Denies the Player the Pleasure of Play

Spec Ops: The Line isn't a criticism of mediocre shooters, but of the romanticism that has so often gone hand-in-hand with the modern shooter genre.

Star Wars Battle Pod Shows That Arcades Aren’t Dead, They’re Just Different

Star Wars Battle Pod is a single-player flight combat game that uses an array of high-tech gadgets packed into a gaming pod to drop players into the action of some of Star Wars’ key space fight moments.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Hardboiled Hijinks

This week we discuss the simple and basic approach to the hardboiled genre in 2013's cult favorite, Gunpoint.

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