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August 2016

Framing is Action in ‘The Way of the Pixelated Fist’

The Way of the Pixelated Fist performs a bit of slight-of-hand magic through its unique way of framing its action.

Why Gamers Love Guilds

At its best a guild helps members meet their fundamental human needs, like approval, affiliation, and self-determination

Best of the Moving Pixels Podcast: Co-operative Gameplay

This week return we to a conversation that we had a few years ago about the nature of co-operative gaming.

July 2016

Bad Graphics Are Still Impressive in ‘Spirits of Xanadu’

Spirits of Xanadu wrings emotion and style out of its low fidelity graphics.

I Don’t Get ‘Pokémon Go’

I’ve never felt more out of touch.

It’s Not Easy Being Yellow

In which we consider the challenges of and the reasons for making the “wrong” color choice in Pokemon Go.

The Moving Pixels Podcast Battles the ‘Jotun’

This week we discuss Jotun's presentation of Norse mythology through scale and grandeur.

Culture Belongs to the Alien in ‘Spirits of Xanadu’

The symbols that the artifact in Spirits of Xanadu uses are esoteric -- at least for the average Western gamer. It is Chinese culture reflected back at us through the lens of alien understanding.

‘Pokemon Go’: Returning Mystery to Video Games

What I like best about Pokemon Go is the rumors and lies.

Gamers Believe in Getting Better

When we need to grind experience points, we seek out enemies at the edge of our current abilities. We seek optimal challenge.

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//Mixed media

Players Lose Control in ‘Tales from the Borderlands’

// Moving Pixels

"This is an interactive story in which players don’t craft the characters, we just control them.

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