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June 2016

The Moving Pixels Podcast Gets ‘SUPERHOT’

This week we discuss SUPERHOT's slow motion violence and methodical approach to murder.

The Freewheeling Fun of ‘Uncharted: Fortune Hunter’

Tomb Raider Go may be the better puzzle game, but Uncharted: Fortune Hunter better captures the spirit of fun and adventure of treasure hunting.

‘One Finger Death Punch’ and the Zen of Combat

One Finger Death Punch puts the art into martial arts.

Playing the Pacifist in ‘Dark Souls III’

I’ve become some sort of playful anthropologist.

Unwinnable: Games About Anxiety

Winning isn’t the point of these games, as there’s no simple way to “win” against anxiety.

May 2016

Moving Pixels Podcast: Our Own Points of View on ‘Hardcore Henry’

Hardcore Henry gives us a chance to consider not how well a video game translates to film, but how well a video game point of view translates to film.

‘SUPERHOT’ is an Anti-Cinematic Action Game

Movies can follow the old adage to show, not tell, but games need to do, not show.

Hold Down B to Run: On the Importance of Velocity to Video Games

Holding down B to run changed our relationship to video games. It let us slow down enough to understand choices we never knew we had.

Best of the Moving Pixels Podcast: The Role of Cheating in Video Games

This week we discuss griefing, hacking, FAQs, and other kinds of walkthroughs.

The Soothing Terror of ‘Dark Souls’

Dark Souls teaches us to be relaxed in the face of horror.

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//Mixed media

Stone Dead: Murder and Myth in 'Medousa'

// Short Ends and Leader

"A wry tale which takes in Greek mythology, punk rock and influences of American suspense-drama, this is an effective and curious thriller about myth and obsession.

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