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Moving Pixels

January 2010

Learning from Loading Screens: The Pedagogy of Bayonetta

Death and dismemberment is a given in stylish action games of this sort, but the manner in which death and dismemberment occurs is a different matter.

Jim Rossignol’s ‘This Gaming Life’

Jim Rossignol’s This Gaming Life is a casual discourse on the growing culture of multiplayer gaming.

Turning Frustration into Excitement: Random Battles in Dragon Age

Dragon Age: Origins improves the oft maligned mechanic of random battles in a way that improves the RPG experience rather than breaking it.

Spectacular Voyeurism: Bayonetta and Hyper-Spectacle

Bayonetta is rarely interested in much beyond magnificently realized spectacle.

The Style of Cel Shading

The consequence of cel shading is that it gives everything an airy, physically light feeling in the game.

Downloadable Content as Product Placement

Assassin's Creed 2 and Dragon Age have taken an interesting approach to in-game advertising by essentially advertising themselves.

The Value of Nudity: Considering The Saboteur

Rather than “liberate” the player, “The Midnight Club” download encourages a very specific action based on the player's own libidinous propensities: purchase of The Sabotuer, especially a new copy of the game.

The Perpetual Value Machine about that STEAM sale?

December 2009

Odds and Ends from 2009

Thank you for making 2009 such a great year! Here's a few odds and ends you might have missed.

Transitional Period: Adapting PC Genres to Consoles

The first-person shooter has made compromises for consoles and is now flourishing, but the same can’t be said for the real-time strategy genre.

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