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August 2010

Lara Croft: The Arcade Game, Considering ‘Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light’

This Lara Croft outing is pure bubblegum pop as a game. But it's pretty tasty bubblegum.

Mastering the Basics in Butcher Bay

Escape From Butcher Bay is a simple story with simple mechanics, but it works with what it has elegantly.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Dressing the Part—Character Customization in Video Games

How initial character creation as well as ways of modifying characters, like buying clothing in a game world, affects our sense of the characters that we inhabit when we play games.

The Lasting Accomplishment of ‘Max Payne’

Max Payne accomplished something unique with its mood and narration, creating a journey into the unraveling psyche of one man pushed to a ragged edge.

Chun-Li’s Thighs

What is interesting about the way that Chun-Li has been eroticized is that her thighs violate typical beauty standards.

Mary Flanagan’s ‘Critical Play’

“In the final analysis, a critique of performance practices must ask: Who gets to play?"

Moving Pixels Podcast: Further Explorations of ‘Limbo’

The Moving Pixels crew gets lost in the shadows and ambiguities of Limbo's haunting, little world.

Dreaming in ‘Limbo’

Limbo is a nightmare. A dark, ethereal, and dangerous world filled with giant spiders, malicious kids, screaming machinery, and by the end, you’re no closer to understanding any of it than when you began.

Brutalizing Children in ‘Limbo’

A little boy is dismembered in Limbo with an astonishing regularity.

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Hozier + Death Cab for Cutie + Rock Radio 104.5's Birthday Show (Photo Gallery)

// Notes from the Road

"Radio 104.5's birthday show featured great bands and might have been the unofficial start of summer festival season in the Northeast.

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