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Moving Pixels

March 2010

An Intimate Moment With the Computer

I cared about GlaDOS only because she was the one directing me. Oh, and then I really cared about her because she wanted to kill me.

Making a Better Spectator Game

The elements of a good spectator sport all involve figuring out ways to get people to care about events they have no control over.

Moving Pixels Podcast: War Stories in Video Games, or Lovin’ the Battlefield

With a focus on combat and bloodshed, many games find themselves telling stories about human struggle of the most calamitous kind. This week the Moving Pixels podcast discusses war stories told in video games.

The Loyalty Missions of ‘Mass Effect 2’ (Part 2)

Continuing my look at the loyalty missions of Mass Effect 2, this week I write about Zaeed, Jacob, Samara, and Grunt.

Dragon Age: Origins—Awakening: Death to Text

Having now completed the first large-scale expansion for Dragon Age: Origins, I have this to say: Death to Text! Bioware, you’ve spoiled me. All

Hippolyta: A Study in Simplicity

Hippolyta requires only perfection of the player. How elegant is that?

The Literary Merits of Dante’s Inferno

The funniest thing about Dante’s Inferno is that the only people who will really enjoy the game are the fans of the poem.

Moving Pixels Podcast: The Role of Story in Video Games

The inaugural episode of the Moving Pixels podcast, a discussion of video games and culture.

The Loyalty Missions of ‘Mass Effect 2’ (Part 1)

The loyalty missions are the primary means of character development for most of the characters in Mass Effect 2, giving us a detailed look at what each of them holds most dear in life.

Playing Project Runway with an Actual Fashion Designer

A real world fashion designer finds the Project Runway Wii game pretty lacking: "The life has been sucked out of me. I came in with all this energy and now I'm just sad."

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