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May 2010

Lost Planet 2: A Complete Failure of the Imagination

Fake gamer tags. How does this do anything other than rip away at my already fraying suspension of disbelief?

The Satisfaction of a Switch

Let's face it, we kind of love the switch, and by “we,” I don't just mean gamers. I mean everybody.

FPS Narrative in ‘Star Wars: Republic Commando’

You can have all the intrigue and plot twists you want, it’s not going to amount to anything without genuine characters and interaction.

Moving Pixels Podcast: The World of Bioshock

Rapture is almost less a city than it is a mood, a tone, an atmosphere.

Five Movie and Game Pairings

Certain combinations of these two different media benefit from the experience of each other.

Seeing Through the Eyes of a God of War

The end of the battle leaves Kratos covered in the blood of a character whose perspective you, the player, have been seeing from. In a sense, he has murdered how you perceive him from now on.

Digitizing My Analogs: The Joys and Perils of iPad Gaming

I'm not going to buy any more games for my sleek slate that weren't designed to take advantage of the touch screen, instead of trying to force alien control schemes where they don't belong or work.

But Who Am I?: Schizophrenia as a Metaphor for the Player-Character Relationship

Deadly Premonition makes the idea clear that the player serves as the voice in the head of the schizophrenic, and these moments remind one that all input in a video game is fundamentally like this.

Pogo: Turning Classic Films into New Songs

"That’s what sampling is all about – hearing something you love, no matter how short, and forming it into something bigger, more inspiring and more enjoyable."

Moving Pixels Podcast: The World of Mass Effect

Would you physically move into the "Mass Effect" world if you could?

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Truth and Other Restrictions: 'True Detective' - Episode 7 - "Black Maps and Motel Rooms"

// Channel Surfing

"Series creator Nic Pizzolatto constructs the entire season on a simple exchange: death seems to be the metaphysical wage of knowledge.

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