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July 2010

Ramblings About Rambling Across the Country with iPad Games

The bottom line is that the next time I'm bringing the DS along too.

Abusing the World: An Aesthetics of Demolition

The only way to set things right in a world is to subtract something in it.

Transparent Difficulty in ‘Order of Ecclesia’

The perception of challenge in a game is always contextual and based on prior experiences in the game space.

Moving Pixels Podcast: The World of ‘Max Payne’

Arriving in 2001 with stylish bullet time gunplay and an attitude boiled harder than any novel by Dashiell Hammett, Max Payne remains a significant influence on this decade's games. We consider why and whether it holds up nearly a decade after its release.

Why Do I Cheer For War?

Leigh Alexander wonders, "Who cheers for war?" As someone who enjoys shooters, I do, but even I recognize the disturbing fact that no matter how gritty, violent, dirty, bloody, or realistic a war game gets if I can respawn it’ll be pure fun.

Possession As a Metaphor for the Player-Character Relationship

The victims of the house in 5 Days a Stranger are both the game’s protagonist, Trilby, and the player himself.

Johan Huizinga’s ‘Homo Ludens’

You can describe the characteristics of play and you can define qualities of something that is not play, but it’s always going to be a loose concept.

My Ending Is My Canon

My version of a story is bound to be different, but as co-author of my experience, it’s just as relevant as the developer’s version.

Cheap Tricks and Cheap Shots Not Singular to ‘Singularity’

I'm painfully aware that all that I'm really doing is pushing the right button at the right place and time. Sure, that's what many games are when you get down to it, but part of the artistry of game design comes from trying to hide this fact.

June 2010

Imitating Intimacy in Video Games

Sex is very often (and very unfortunately) just a game.

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Robert DeLong Upgraded for 'In the Cards' (Rough Trade Photos + Tour Dates)

// Notes from the Road

"Robert DeLong ups his musical game with his new album In the Cards and his live show gets a boost too.

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