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Moving Pixels

June 2009

On the Creation of a Successful Trailer

Showcasing the narrative element of a game is fine, but we really just want to see how it plays.

Looking Ahead

Having recently finished Far Cry 2 I found myself wondering what I should play next. I had embraced the holiday rush last year, so I had

Nintendo’s Niceness Problem

Nintendo might do well to remember that we, as gamers, crave a challenge every once in a while.

“Keepin’ It (Kinda) Real”: Characterization and Authenticity in Video Games

I was not terribly surprised at the feeling of overwhelming uncertainty about where I was. But I was surprised that I was also struck by an overwhelming uncertainty about who I was.

Art Patronage in Games

The culture and benefits of encouraging patrons and games meant primarily for the public to enjoy.

May 2009

Subverting the Power Fantasy in Call of Duty 4

There’s an automatic assumption that since we’re still in control and that there is still progress to be made.

Locked Content: The Wrong Approach to a Pre-Order Bonus

Why would a game's developer choose to rub in its audience's face the presence of a no-longer-available pre-order bonus?

ZA Critique: Rez HD

A break down of the pioneering and still unsurpassed emergent music game Rez.

Why You Should Care About Dom’s Wife

Dom’s wife, Maria, represents a unique kind of storytelling for games. She represents a story in which we don’t play as the main

Illusionary Choices in Games

How to create a fake choice and the different forms it can come in.

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