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July 2010

Moving Pixels Podcast: Talking With Video Game Costume Designer, Holly Conrad

Holly Conrad is a costume designer and an avid gamer. By costume designer, I mean sculptor, engineer, seamstress, and designer.

Making Emergent Stories Matter: Considering ‘Left 4 Dead’ and ‘Medal of Honor’

It seems impossible to tell a story within the strict rule set of a competitive online game until you play Left 4 Dead or its sequel.

Is Speed Running Artistic?

The speed run is the essential example of the player exerting her will over the game world, pushing against the limits that the game designers have set.

A Good A.I. Trick

The art of video game AI is in making a player think that they’re interacting with something more sophisticated than it really is.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Games We Want to Play

Playing the role of prophet is a tradition as old as video game criticism, so look no further for a heap of prognostication and plain ol' guesswork.

Party Division As Character Development in ‘Final Fantasy XIII’

Breaking up the party helps us identify the characters as individuals rather than as just parts of a whole.

Ramblings About Rambling Across the Country with iPad Games

The bottom line is that the next time I'm bringing the DS along too.

Abusing the World: An Aesthetics of Demolition

The only way to set things right in a world is to subtract something in it.

Transparent Difficulty in ‘Order of Ecclesia’

The perception of challenge in a game is always contextual and based on prior experiences in the game space.

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Supernatural: Season 11, Episode 19 - "The Chitters"

// Channel Surfing

"Another stand-alone episode, but there's still plenty to discuss in the Supernatural world.

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