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November 2010

Moving Pixels Podcast: The ‘Minecraft’ Experience

The experience of Minecraft as a sandbox building experience is worth considering and raises questions about what motivates us to play.

Forced Alliances in ‘Fable 3’

Fable 3 forces me to make promises to potential allies, even if I don't want to. From the outset, I wasn’t able to be the leader I wanted to be.

Finding Room to Learn in Video Games

There is a board game called Pandemic in which players act as agents of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), stemming the onslaught of virulent diseases around the world. Conversely, there is a Flash game series of the same name in which players create and evolve a disease to infect and kill every human on the planet.

Kinected for a Week: Moving Myself and My Furniture

Despite all the similarities and the handful of technical issues, Kinect feels totally different from the Wii -- though I still lose in boxing to people that I could totally beat up in real life.

‘Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare’: A Little Incompetence Goes a Long Way

As Abigail and Jack are transformed into the undead, Marston must once again absent himself for the sake of the family. In other words, to seek out a cure that will allow the family to become whole again (well, and to try to teach them to not eat brains).

‘Fable III’, the Presidential Simulator

Games are increasingly becoming part of political discourse. After all, I became Queen of Albion and my advisor asked me if I wanted to bail out the economy.

Moving Pixels Podcast: All Those Necessary Supplements—A Discussion of Downloadable Content

Does seeing nipples improve the experience of The Saboteur? Does The Signal illuminate the murkier plot points of Alan Wake? We discuss what may or may not be added to the experience of a game through the inclusion of downloadable content.

Epic vs. Episodic Adventure Games

Do point-and-click adventure games work better as episodic stories or as a single epic story?

Considering the Super Mario Canon

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., a small group of games are solidifying into a Mario canon.

Ruling Albion in ‘Fable 3’ is Terrible Gameplay and Worse Storytelling

Fable 3 has earned my everlasting enmity for abandoning its high level of choice and sophistication when I finally ascended to the throne, arguably the moment when it would have been most interesting to make important choices.

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