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January 2011

Owning ‘BioShock 2’

BioShock’s success in creating intense feelings of attachment and ownership nearly blinded us to BioShock 2’s remarkable achievements.

1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die (If You Want)

What other classic games besides Final Fantasy VII (I know!) have I never played? Let's find out. As it turns out, most of them.

The Politics of Submission: The Romance of ‘Enslaved’

It is in Monkey's and the player's best interests to protect Trip. As she notes, “If I die, you die.”

‘One Chance’: Playing with the Notion of Irreversible Consequences

There are some unsettling implications once we factor the "bargaining" stage of grief into digital media.

Moving Pixels Podcast: The World of ‘Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood’

The direct sequel to Assassin's Creed II returns to the story of the Italian Renaissance era assassin, Ezio. However, this time Ezio has made a few new friends.

Pigsy’s Perfect 10

Pigsy was a great supporting character in Enslaved, but he can't support a game all on his own.

‘Amnesia’  and the Topography of Fear

Amnesia: The Dark Descent effectively engenders terror by demanding that players create their own topographies of fear.

A Single Player Experience in a Multiplayer Universe: The ‘DCU Online’ Beta

This new MMORPG is huge fan service. While players design their own heroes and powersets, the game does not skimp on giving a sense of being part of the DC mythology with very regular encounters with famous and infamous characters.

Moving Pixels: 2010 Game of the Year Edition

As the diversity of our picks reveal, 2010 was a difficult year to pick a single Game of the Year for, which has only been a good thing for gamers.

The Business of Falling in Love with the Virtual

The video guy (or girl) isn't attractive simply out of an immediate reflexive response to him but because of an ongoing and ever evolving coexistence shared with him.

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