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August 2009

The Boycott of Shadow Complex

A look at the controversy surrounding Shadow Complex and Orson Scott Card.

It’s Always More Fun Killing Nazis

If I kill a Cacodemon or a Nazi or a Space Invader, what difference does that action make?

ZA Critique: Mass Effect

A closer look at the narrative devices used in Mass Effect that better support its game design. Spoilers abound.

The Contradictory Support for Online Gaming

Despite their apparent interest in the online space, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are shooting themselves in the foot.

The Pleasures of the Conventional: Considering the Call of Juarez Series

Sometimes a game should focus on simply being what it is.

Unit Operations: An Approach to Video Game Criticism

A brief synopsis of the ideas set out in Unit Operations.

Parody Games and the Changing Face of Collectibles

A look at two parodic flash games and what they reveal about the mechanics they parody.

Sympathy for the Thugs That We Can’t Help Being When We Play Grand Theft Auto

Because our medium allows for participation in building characters and shaping plot rather than the pure voyeurism enforced by storytelling media like film or literature, gamers are sometimes offended by scripted scenes and enforced choices that occur in "their" storyline.

Movies That Wish They Were Video Games

The growing trend of films that rely on CGI and huge action sequences to the point of leaving behind the strengths of the medium.

Your Virtual Physical Self

While the idea of seeing our legs in a first-person shooter isn’t new, the way some games let us interact with our environment through our arms is new.

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Kiasmos: 26 May 2015 - Rough Trade NYC (Photos)

// Notes from the Road

"Kiasmos is the exciting, dark and trippy electronic project from Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen.

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