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December 2010

Everybody Wants to Own the World

Didn't video games used to be about saving the world or at least a princess or something?

Player Guilt Revisited in ‘Beautiful Escape’

I separated myself from the action, but afterward I found what I did completely repugnant. I regret allowing the game to acculturate me into treating rape as the equivalent of any other action that I can take in a game.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Exploring Albion in ‘Fable III’

Political, promising, and peculiar, we explore how the land of Albion is presented in this newest iteration of the Fable series.

‘Burnout’ Ruined Racing Games For Me

What puts Burnout ahead of other arcade racers like Split/Second and Blur is a single and perfectly implemented mechanic: the ability to ram cars.

Winking at the Player: Subtle Hints in Straight Faced Games

Self aware games don’t always break the fourth wall; sometimes they just peer over it.

What ‘Super Meat Boy’ Can Teach ‘Assassin’s Creed’

Assassin's Creed 2 broke my TV. If it was more like Super Meat Boy, it wouldn't have.

‘Mafia II’ Goes Retro with ‘Joe’s Adventures’, Early 2000s Retro That Is

Through its recreation of both a 1940s and 1950s setting, Mafia II is obviously a game with a retro vibe. Why then, am I reminded more of early 2000 when I play Joe's Adventures?

November 2010

On Gender Ambiguity in a Binary Paradigm

I had free reign to corner and manipulate any man or woman that Verge had compiled a dossier on, but I'd only ever succeeded in capturing men. What could the reason for this be? And did my record of victims shape who Daily was for me?

Moving Pixels Podcast: The Undead Invade New Austin

Zombies are slow, and gunslingers are fast. Is that still formula enough for terror?

‘Fallout’, the “To Do” List Simulator

My well-honed Puritan work ethic is my own worst nightmare in a game like this.

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"Rock Never Dies" Takes Shots at Celebrity Culture In a Surprisingly Effective Episode

// Channel Surfing

"Season 12's best episode yet isn't perfect, but well-done, with an excellent swan song performance by Rick Springfield.

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