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January 2016

Moving Pixels Podcast: The Best Games of 2015

There was a whole lot to love in 2015 from both the big publishers and from the indie scene.

‘Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture’ Is the Bleakest Game of 2015

Sometimes death by alien singularity is preferable to living with your neighbors.

Representation and Embodiment in Virtual Reality

When you slip on those VR goggles, who do you become?

You Are Big Boss: Antagonism and Antagonists in the Metal Gear Universe

Like war, games are by nature centrally about conflict. The player has chosen to antagonize himself or herself for the sake of feeling the pleasure of conquering the game, which makes you not Snake, but Big Boss.

‘Republique’: Some Types of Information Are Freer Than Others

Republique reminds us that some free expression is more immoral and more dangerous than other forms of free expression.

‘Prune’ is the Most Optimistic Game of 2015

You're a single little seed against the world, but you are unconquerable.

Delightful Design in ‘Super Mario Maker’

With Super Mario Maker, Nintendo created both a tool and a toy.

Learning from Weak AI

Unlike players, AIs don't have to internalize rules. They are the rules.

Algorithmic Versus Parodic Mobile App Art

Digital art has been around for almost as long as computers have been. Internet art has existed since the '90s. But due to the mobile app's youth, and the perceived barriers to entry, it's still the Wild West.

The Moving Pixels Podcast Goes Around the World in ‘80 Days’

80 Days explores the idea of an ever changing narrative in an ever changing world.

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