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May 2015

Challenge and Abstract Narrative in Adventure Games

Should adventure games sacrifice story and devote themselves to challenge?

Moving Pixels Podcast: What Is ‘Jazzpunk’?

Even after playing it, it's hard to even begin to describe Jazzpunk.

The Horror of an Unfinished Story

Ignorance isn't bliss. It's horrifying.

Storytelling and ‘Never Alone’

Never Alone lacks the confidence to tell its story in the language of the game.

‘Herald’ Attempts the Troubled Waters of the Colonial Narrative

The “colonialism” at play is not between nations, rather it seems more interested in how it influences a man recently come of age.

Adventure Games As Theater and ‘the Charnel House Trilogy’

The Charnel House Trilogy casts the player as an actor in a performance where the script is uncovered as performed. In doing so, it's throwing off an older design paradigm and creating a better work for it.

April 2015

Moving Pixels Podcast: The Ghost of ‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’

Generally regarded as a failure, we consider Murdered: Soul Suspect's effort to produce a game focused on investigation rather than on gunplay.

Leaders Shouldn’t be Mute

Silent protagonists will always be awkward in video games, but there’s one easy way to avoid a lot of that awkwardness. Don’t make them a leader.

‘Bloodborne’ and Firewalking: Play As Social Ritual

Playing Bloodborne is like willingly partaking in a rite of passage, an individualized ritual imbued with social meaning.

Ever Expanding Rather than Moving Forward: The Narrative Experiment of ‘The Charnel House’

The Charnel House is a fascinating narrative experiment in video game storytelling, attempting to tell a story not by moving from point A to point B, but by starting at the center of a story and moving outwards.

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Best of the Moving Pixels Podcast: The Role of Cheating in Video Games

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"This week we discuss griefing, hacking, FAQs, and other kinds of walkthroughs.

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