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February 2015

‘League of Legends’ Rek’Sai Isn’t a Dude, Dude

Sexuality is an important part of monstrosity, and League of Legends breaks with its traditional depiction of female monsters with this beast.

Never-Ending Story: The Role of Gameplay in Modern Adventure Games

By prioritizing storytelling in video games, developers inadvertently send the signal that gameplay innovation is less important to the growing medium.

Moving Pixels Podcast: The Greatest Couples in Video Games

Valentine's Day may be over, but we're still celebrating the most significant relationships in video games.

The Backwards Looking Future of ‘Resident Evil’

Our frame of reference for talking about games often lags behind the reality of their development.

Growing Up in ‘Life Is Strange’

I expect Max will learn what many of us face as we age, the reality that all of our decisions have consequences, many of them unintended, no matter how empowered we are when we make them.

You (and Your Money) Are Driving Today’s Gaming Renaissance

You don’t need a big publisher, or a publisher at all, to get your game out and that game doesn’t have to sell for $60, or $20, or anything, for a developer to achieve great success.

A Brief History of Crime

Give me a rational reason to act evil in video games. If I'm going to eat a baby, I just need to believe that there is a good reason why.

‘The Banner Saga’ Presents a Living World Through a Lore That Is Actually Lived

The Banner Saga is interested in expressing the character of the world itself through its game related lore.

An Undead Sense of Place in ‘Resident Evil’

In this mansion, even when you're fine, you still feel like you’re dying.

The Seductive Power of ‘Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor’

Oops! I accidentally became a mass murderer, slaver, and a dark lord.

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Anticipation and Expectation in Game Marketing: The Art of “Anti-Hype”

// Moving Pixels

"Watch the trailer for No Man's Sky and then for Frostpunk. There is a clear difference in the kind of expectations each creates in its audience.

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