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May 2014

Through the Looking Glass: Games and Curiosity

Games are driven by a curiosity over what’s in the next level, what’s in the next chest, or who the next boss will be.

The ‘Titanfall’ Campaign is a Valiant Effort at Storytelling

Until now, stories in multiplayer-only shooters have only been bad, and while Titanfall doesn’t buck that trend, it does offer some hope for the future.

‘Locke’ and the Cinematic Game

Maybe there are better ways to bind video games with film.

Greed Is Good: Incentivizing Good Sportsmanship in Online Gaming

Sometimes to get a positive result, you need to appeal to people's baser instincts, not their better angels. Is Dawngate's karma system a better solution to changing player behavior than League of Legends's honor system?

‘Over Ten Tons of Internet’: An Interview with the Poet Who Tried to Print the Entire Internet

The average professor spends the summer revising syllabi and maybe teaching a class or two. Kenneth Goldsmith spent his printing out the Internet.

‘FTL’ and the Failure of Text Narratives in Roguelikes

While it is possible for a roguelike to tell a story, textually based narratives are a burden to the genre.

A Little Bit of Story Goes a Long Way

All a story really needs is an intro to establish context and that can be enough to make a game feel unique.

“Duel Me, Noob”: Salvaging Honor in Games

This duel is set in a digital riverbed of Summoner’s Rift, but it is preceded by the gentlemanly combat of 19th century duelists, who in the early hours of dawn would meet to resolve quarrels in a deadly game of pistols. Are the two so far removed?

April 2014

“Beware, I Live”: The Voice of Antagonism, The Voice of the Arcade

The most honest voice of the arcade era is that of Sinistar: "I hunger."

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"Rock Never Dies" Takes Shots at Celebrity Culture In a Surprisingly Effective Episode

// Channel Surfing

"Season 12's best episode yet isn't perfect, but well-done, with an excellent swan song performance by Rick Springfield.

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