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December 2013

‘Need for Speed: Rivals’ Is at War with Itself

Need for Speed: Rivals is more of an MMO than a simple open world game, yet it doesn't know how to be an MMO.

Baiting the Hook

Indie games like Rain have all the hallmarks of the video game as an artistic experience, and Brad Galloway of GameCritics has been kind enough to sum up what I have realized I have been thinking about games of this sort with a single word "critic-bait."

Year-end Bests and Worsts in the Video Game Landscape

Some thoughts on what to leave in 2013 and what to bring into 2014.

Hard Boiled Combat: Enduring the Quick Time Event

The Wolf Among Us's quick time events typify the hard boiled genre better than any elegant combat system would or than any analytically driven puzzle solving might. Moments less to be won than to be survived or endured.

The Secret to Sequels

The key to a good sequel is trying not to erase or even compete with what has come before. A sequel ought to complement its predecessor, not improve upon it.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Beyond the Point-and-Click Adventure

David Cage's Beyond: Two Souls may just be "an evolution of the point-and-click adventure game that never happened".

The Evolution of ‘Call of Duty’

Ghosts doesn't have the same ambition of social commentary as Modern Warfare, so it's free to blow up half the nation in the opening cut scene. Just 'cause.

Game Lessons Learned from the Films of 2013

Ignoring the lessons other media imparts is a harmful form of self-delusion. This is a spotlight on this year's most important movies for game makers and players to see.

Mechanizing Terror: ‘League of Legends’ and Character Design

What I admire about Nocturne's design is how its function reinforces the theme of the character himself, going so far as to evoke visceral emotional responses and actions in players themselves that make sense given the horror that Nocturne is supposed to represent.

November 2013

‘Memoria’: Stories and Truth

Somewhere at the crossroads of memory and storytelling lies truth, and truth can reshape reality.

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Moving Pixels Podcast: The Best Games of 2016

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"The Moving Pixels Podcast counts down our top five games of 2016.

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