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October 2013

Indie Horror Month 2013: ‘Homesick’

Homesick achieves something universal because it forces you to experience the inherent terror and tragedy of even the most clichéd of horror clichés. Sometimes you’re the Final Girl, and sometimes you’re just another victim.

Playing Detective in ‘The Wolf Among Us’

Telltale must walk a fine line between satiating their fan base and deviating enough from The Walking Dead so as to distinguish their newest title both thematically and mechanically.

A Game of Chess: The Intimacy of Antagonism

It may be a kind of intellectual violence that is the very thing that generates intimacy between us.

A Truthful Execution of Horror: ‘I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream’

Most horror games work based on the premise of the protagonist being helpless. We aren't the victim in this scenario. I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream instead puts the player in a position of power as the perpetrator of horrific events.

Moving Pixels Podcast: More Mines, Maps, and Madness

Kentucky Route Zero:Episode Two insists on continuing to get us lost and of reminding us of what has been lost in a world comprised of display, empty representation, and endless highways to nowhere.

Indie Horror Month 2013: ‘Fibrillation’

Fibrillation is the stuff of dreams and nightmares.

Disappointing Discoveries in ‘The Cave’

Bad game ports never died, they just change platforms.

Sodomy and the Prison of Multiplayer Gaming

Competitive gaming is about power, hierarchy, leader boards, and all the ways of establishing a pecking order among players. Owning someone is the goal in online gaming. It's about making someone your bitch.

‘Amnesia’: The Psychological Toll of Horror

No matter what tricks we use to help us cope, some horror pushes past the logical centers of our brain and grips us at our basest emotional core. It's a fascinating phenomenom to witness in oneself.

Indie Horror Month 2013: ‘Metrolith’

You will never know the metrolith.

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