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November 2013

Asymmetry and ‘Netrunner’

Netrunner is particularly special because through its asymmetry it allows us to engage in a familiar struggle.

The Anachronic Mixup of ‘Beyond: Two Souls’

Anachrony is a big part of Beyond: Two Souls and the primary reason why the game doesn't quite work.

Nature Sucks in ‘Lost Planet 3’

Lost Planet 3 tries to swap its antagonists with the player's allies halfway through its story. It fails, but it fails in an interesting way.

The Spirit of ‘Call of Duty’

Tradition? Necessity? Philosophy? What keeps the Call of Duty campaign going?

Bigby and Bitches: A Big Bad Wolf That Can’t Bear Misogyny

The fantasy world of The Wolf Among Us allows for a wolf to actually respond to the demeaning quality of the word that humans so often use to define the females of his whole species. And unlike a lot of human beings, he seems pretty unhappy about it.

Playing the Gigolo: ‘Killer is Dead’ Changes the Pace of the Game

Video games always have trouble with pacing. While they focus on their game loops and crafting the right level of challenge, it might be nice for both the characterization and the pacing of the work to leave that behind briefly. Allow the player to enter a different space with different rules from the rest of the game, just maybe not these kinds of spaces.

A Colonist’s Fantasy: The Problem with the Fair Fight

Agarest illustrates just how much fun it is to be the scrappy underdog in games without actually being the scrappy underdog. It’s striking how often games suggest that the power of the victim’s moral high ground is equitable to that of the conquistador’s rifle.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Swords, Sex, and Suda51

Killer Is Dead is a little punk, a little noir, a little James Bond, and a whole lot of crazy.

Stealth is (Not Really) an Option in ‘Payday 2’

Payday 2 does everything it can to make stealth unintuitive and unattractive.

David Cage and the Evolution of ‘Beyond: Two Souls’

As a companion piece to Heavy Rain, it is easier to appreciate Beyond as an improvement for Cage and an evolution in his body of work, contentious though it may be.

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