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Moving Pixels

February 2012

Questioning Our Moral Boundaries in Video Games

I watched Jackie Estacado grab a man by the feet and then literally rip that man’s spine out through his anus, and I think I liked it.

Fearing God, Fearing the Body: The Theology of ‘The Binding of Isaac’

The game's “theology” is less concerned with questioning submission to the will of God than it is about a seemingly deep seated fear of the body itself.

How Could He?: Exploring Social Issues Through ‘Dragon Age II’

No one is implying that the LGBT community turn into blood magicians and that the religious march out to cage and murder them, but this conflict still echoes the tensions felt in the lives of real people.

The Moving Pixels Podcast Joins the ‘League of Legends’

It's hard to avoid the allure of League of Legends. It's free-to-play, features matches that can be completed in an hour, and has a community that... well... it has a community.

The Advantages of Playing ‘Skyrim’ at Your Own Pace

After playing Skyrim for 90 hours, I saw something that blew my mind, and I suspect that I only had this reaction because it took me 90 hours to get there.

Anti-Escapism and ‘Final Fantasy Tactics Advance’

It’s odd to think of such an expensive hobby that is so often associated with a privileged class as designed purely for escape. What could such an audience have to escape from?

Faith vs. Sonic

Despite sharing many of the same problems, I'm willing to cut Mirror's Edge more slack than Sonic CD.

Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” and, Well, Video Games

It isn't really a song about video games, of course. However, it is interesting for what it implies about games by taking gaming for granted as a normalized cultural practice.

‘Driver: San Francisco’ and ‘Drive’

Two men dictated by driving: one driven by an intense focus on the calm precision necessary to master the physical science of it all, the other driven by the raw emotional power that a two ton extension of the self provides.

The Moving Pixels Podcast Explores the World of ‘Skyrim’

The Moving Pixels podcast crew get together to discuss the varied approaches that they took to exploring the vast world of Skyrim.

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