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October 2013

Learning from ‘Gone Home’

Gone Home doesn't set out to preach, but it offers some valuable lessons for how to create a memorable game.

September 2013

Deconstructing Disbelief

On a formal level, there are always a plethora of logical issues with gameplay and story because you start deconstructing the abstract shortcuts that all storytelling requires. You start deconstructing your own suspension of disbelief.

Molding eSports and the ‘League of Legends’ Championship

Those constructing eSports fandom have a unique opportunity to shape the future of fan celebrations and team sports for the better.

Why Magical Realism Works in ‘Papo & Yo’

It's interesting that the medium of games, which has often learned much of its storytelling technique from film, might be a more viable inheritor of the magical realist tradition than other mediums.

Syria’s Endgame in ‘Endgame: Syria’

We like to root for the underdog. Endgame: Syria is no exception. It’s firmly against the Assad regime, but instead of presenting a righteous cause as motivation for the player, the game instead decides to look at the practical aspects of Syrian rebels trying to fight a ground war.

Missing the Objective, Not of the Game, But of Games Themselves

What are developers striving to produce and what are audiences hoping to gain from games, their communication or their raw stimulation?

Moving Pixels Podcast: A Game of Mines, Maps, and Madness

The first episode of Kentucky Route Zero's mines, maps, and madness all beg to be explored, which is exactly what we attempt to do in this week's podcast.

Joel and Ellie’s War-Time Relationship in ‘The Last of Us’

Joel and Ellie bond in battle, when they have a common enemy, but they naturally conflict with each other so much that it's unlikely their relationship can survive the peace.

Back to Basics

In the midst of mashups and kitchen-sink design, it's refreshing to play games that return to their mechanical and philosophical roots.

Grand Theft HBO

Rockstar may have just borrowed a bit of The Wire's approach to telling the tale of an American landscape for the sake of painting the portrait of America that Grand Theft Auto has always been interested in realizing.

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Moving Pixels Podcast: Highbrow, Middle Brow, and Lowbrow in Free-to-Play Gaming

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"From the charmingly trashy to the more artistically inclined, there is a wide variety of gaming options in the free-to-play market.

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