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Moving Pixels

November 2011

Cloud Strife: A Profile of the Greatest Protagonist in Video Games

Cloud from Final Fantasy VII has a depth and roundness that is unique not just for video games of its time but throughout the medium's history.

Overstaying Its Welcome: The Place of ‘Uncharted 3’ in the Medium

Unlike a video game hero, the action hero doesn't have to practice that tricky jump a dozen times, and he never gets wasted by a fluke grenade. The action and the story of a great blockbuster movie is designed to make the experience as novel and streamlined as possible.

Necessary Failure: Some Late Thoughts on ‘The Path’

If video games often tell the story of the boy saving the girl (from another castle, from a very large ape, or whatever) by allowing the player to take on that gendered role of hero and protagonist, it does raise the question of what the end goal of a player taking on the role of the girl in this oft told scenario should be.

Speaking in Accents and the American Ethnocentrism in Video Games

The cultural politics that voice acting implies often escape analysis.

The Moving Pixels Podcast Reconsiders the Cutscene

This week the Moving Pixels podcast crew discuss the history of the cutscene in video games, what they may or may not have evolved into, and whether or not they still have a place in video game storytelling.

Creatively Derivative

Even as military shooters become more and more derivative, they can at least be creatively derivative.

A Venue for Spectacle

Big budget games have usurped film as the go-to venue for spectacle.

Batman and “Bitches”

In noir, men do bad things to women, women do bad things to men, people do bad things to each other. One of the central conceits of noir is very simple: people are creeps.

Violence Without Meaning in Games

There are other meanings and contexts for violence that major releases should have the courage to explore.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Another Princess, Another Boss Fight

This week we consider the history and evolution of the boss fight in gaming, as well as the posibility of alternatives to this most expected of medium conventions.

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