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June 2013

Why Superman Fails As a Video Game Character

A test of Superman is a test of selflessness and our expectations of a being that is completely selfless, despite his omnipotence. And, perhaps, selfless behaviors are just not that much fun to enact. Who wants responsibility to others to exclusively motivate play?

I Can’t Break ‘The Walking Dead’

I’ve tried breaking The Walking Dead down to its core components. I’ve tried to analyze it from a distance to figure out how it’s able to so effectively hook my emotions, but I can't break it. I can't "game" it.

Postcards from ‘Proteus’

Proteus shows that chasing a single definition of "video game" distracts us from more important things.

The Many Forks in the Road of Twine

Between the images of the destruction of the game industry and its salvation lie actual Twine games, which are both much more mundane than folks imagine and far more fascinating than the hyperbole implies.

Gaming the Dice: How Randomness Contributes to Game Experiences

More than any other medium, games allow randomness. Dumb chance or unfulfilled omens in a film are labelled plot holes, but unpredictable consequences are natural to games. It’s perfectly acceptable for a video game hero to get by with the help of luck, as players we experienced it so we don’t need a strict explanation for every second of play.

The Combative Horror of ‘Silent Hill: Downpour’

There’s a way to make combat fun while still making it tense and terrifying.

Ethical Decision Making in ‘Quandary’

Quandary might actually make children less confident in the ability of authority figures to make decisions in their best interest or to mediate issues on their behalf.

Driven to the Grind, Driven through the Grind: The “Convenience” of the Modern MMORPG

Unlike older MMORPGs, modern games like Tera Online feature tutorials, a mission system, and, of course, the grind, but tutorials and missions are integrated with the grind. They define the grind, and as a result, cause me to play a massively multiplayer game as if it is single player experience.

Moving Pixels Podcast: ‘Monaco’, Neon Noir Heists and the Pleasures of Making Mistakes

Get in. Get Out. Get paid. Monaco apes all the conventions of the heist film, but this time, it's you making all of the plans and making all of the mistakes.

May 2013

The Perfect Co-Op of ‘Monaco’

With so many people making too-early proclamations about the death of single-player games, it’s ironic that Monaco -- a game that was hyped as a fun and frantic co-op experience, specifically -- proves that both playstyles can be equally satisfying, especially when offered side-by-side.

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