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August 2013

The Perfect Grind

In theory, I should be improving myself in order to beat the bosses in Rogue Legacy, but the grind is so much fun that I don't really want it to end.

‘Spelunky,’ Roguelikes, and the Good Death

In Spelunky, death is inevitable and swift. It's also extremely fulfilling.

‘Gemini Rue’: A Matter of Memory

In an ending voiceover, Gemini Rue's Sayuri firmly states that people determine their own destiny. However, the game never makes definitive statements that answer all its questions about how memory may influence who we are.

‘400 Days’ of Loving Abuse

Since I don’t know these people very well, I’m less invested in their well being. I want to help them survive, but I also want to fuck with them.

Small and Serious Games

Environmental change? Gun violence? Urban poverty? As simple, playful things, how could games plumb such intricacies?

Cheating Well (and Helping Others to Cheat Well, Too)

After trying and failing to figure out the pattern combinations to create some of the advanced mermaids in Mermaid World, my wife decided it was time to do what any good gamer does when faced with a brick wall. She found it was time to cheat.

An Adventure Spun From the Shards of a World: Revisiting ‘Loom’

Loom’s power is in its mystery and in its focus. Hints and suggestions are its tools. It answers only what it needs to and only details what will aid it.

You’re Neither Villain Nor Hero in ‘Silent Hill: Downpour’

In an interesting twist, the protagonist is a supporting character in the story of Silent Hill: Downpour.

‘Sword & Sworcery’ Revisited

A second run through Sword & Sworcery enhanced both my admiration and dissatisfaction with the game.

An Exercise in Extinction

There is always this lingering hope of the survivors being able to rebuild or at least build something new in post-apocalyptic fiction. The Last of Us, though, seems to take a different view of the apocalypse.

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