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December 2012

‘A Reign of Missiles’ and Conflict Narratives

When depicting history and modern political realities, what stories do we want to tell?

A Commentary on ‘Primordia’

I knew after finishing it that Primordia was something special, because it dared to actually bake in philosophy into the very essence of the conflict.

Reductionist and Complex: Stealth in ‘Mark of the Ninja’

By stripping away the third dimension, the game makes it easier to embrace its many complex systems.

Finding Value in ‘The Unfinished Swan’

The pursuit of extreme challenges and endless level progression makes sense for skill-based games with an arcade heritage, but The Unfinished Swan is after something else.

‘Bientôt l’été’: More “notgaming” from Tale of Tales

There is no goal. There is no story. Do not think. Do not want. Just be.

When ‘Mark of the Ninja’ Clicks

The map in the pause menu stopped being a compass and became a blueprint. I had become the watchmaker and not the watch wearer. I stopped looking at the second hand and instead looked at the gears.

A New Appreciation for Simple Movement

A pair of Xbox Indie games unintentionally exposed how simple movement is hard to get right.

‘Black Ops 2’ and American Fears

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 touches upon themes of America's economic decline, technological dependencies, and the loss of international political capital in the face of a costly empire.

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Giving up on the Dream of American Upward Mobility?

Perhaps, upward mobility is no longer the given that it once was and perhaps Grand Theft Auto's themes need to adapt to better examine that possibility.

The Inelegance of the Video Game Satire

Seven Psychopaths and Drive have what it takes to go on to be cult favourites. They were able to use the conventions of their genre to criticize the fundamental operations of it. I bring up these movies because they’re great at doing what video games have been trying and failing to do, especially recently.

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That Ribbon of Highway: Sharon Jones Re-shapes Woody Guthrie's Song

// Sound Affects

"Sharon Jones and Woodie Guthrie knew: great songs belong to everybody.

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