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January 2013

Moving Pixels Podcast: Our Best Games of 2012

The Moving Pixels Podcast gets together to discuss our best gaming experiences of 2012, including a few titles you may not expect.

Progress at the Expense of Fun in ‘Most Wanted’

Most Wanted tries to apply a shooter progression system onto a racing game and proves that the same template doesn’t work everywhere. This is progress at the expense of fun.

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and Morally Engaged Players

Jeff Reichert’s most relevant question for the games industry is one concerning consumers: “Why is it so hard to engage the reader to a more credulous relationship with the moving image?”

Scavenging the Protagonists of ‘Deponia’ and ‘Primordia’

In the standard adventure game, who are you? A thief, a busy body, an interloper, and a problem solver. Which begs the question: who authentically embodies such traits in real life?

A Tale of Two Shooters: ‘Spec-Ops: the Line’ and ‘Black’

Spec-Ops: The Line has been critically lauded as a game that takes a hard, self-aware look at the shooter genre. But all good shooters are self-aware. It's how they're able to distill conflict into something fun that matters.

Open Worlds Aren’t Meant for Driving

An open world should give us a sense of majesty and wonder while providing lots of gameplay options. A racing game, specifically an arcade racer like Most Wanted, isn’t about any of those things.

Some Downloadable Favorite Games from 2012

Who needs physical media? Some of the year's best games were digitally published.

More Masks, More Deviants: Understanding Our Role in ‘Hotline Miami’

The adoption of the role of the predator speaks to the role of the gamer in many of the most popular examples of the medium, but it also speaks to the distancing effect that strategy and tactics have in obfuscating our intentions in playing such games.

Moving Pixels Podcast: The End of ‘The Walking Dead’

The Moving Pixels podcast crew discuss the consequences of surviving to the end of The Walking Dead: Season One.

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