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May 2012

Moving Pixels Podcast: Politics and Pathos in ‘The Witcher 2’

To call the The Witcher 2 ambitious is an understatement, as it is a game that approaches the question of how much control the player has in crafting the story by offering expansive branching paths rarely seen before in games.

‘The Witcher 2’ Does the Exposition Dump Right

All of the plot is laid bare in the final conversation of the game: a climactic Q&A session.

In Support of Supports

The damage dealers may get the accolades, but the true unsung heroes of class-based games are the support champions and their designers.

‘Max Payne 3’: A Shooting Gallery with Teeth

This ugly world of a Sao Paulo ghetto was juxtaposed against a backdrop of a gorgeous tropical Brazil, making each detail worthy of attention despite the incongruity of the squalor amid natural beauty.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Who Do You Not Want to Be?

Video games allow us to take on roles of people that we could never be. What happens when those people are people we would never want to be?

The Evolution of Alan Wake

The character of Alan Wake has evolved in appropriate ways over the series, but what’s more interesting is how the mechanics have evolved with him.

Multiplayer Memories in ‘Demon’s Souls’

Some notes on Demon's Souls's bizarre social scene on the eve of its demise.

Like ‘Doom’, In Heels

No One Lives Forever suggested that an FPS could actually represent a world to explore, not merely a “game board” to move across.

Nathan Drake Shouldn’t Shoot People… He Should Punch Them

It lessens Drake’s heroism to see him shoot someone, not because it makes him a violent man, but because it makes him look weak.

MMOs and Limited Innovation

Plenty of studios continue to wade into the genre, realizing that even minor innovations in the tired MMO formula can spark success.

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