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October 2012

Self Actualization and the Mini-Roguelike

There is something, somehow less deterministic about the mini-roguelike, something more like an advocacy of choice and control being made actually significant when placed in the hands of the player.

The Fear Is Gone: Reconsidering the ‘Left 4 Dead’ Series

Zombies themselves don’t seem to be much of a creature of horror anymore. Is it even possible for something to remain scary through constant exposure to it?

September 2012

How to End a Game With a Bang

Rather than petering out with an ending that I’m likely to forget in a few days, these games end with a bang by offering something new at their end.

‘Borderlands 2’ and the Art of Support

If you really want to enjoy the systems of Borderlands 2, play Maya, play support, and absolutely play with friends.

Thinking About ‘Cunt’

I had known of Cunt by reputation only. I knew that it bore the stamp of Edmund McMillen's central aesthetic, the grotesque, and thus, that it wasn't going to be pretty.

‘Binary Domain’: A Shooter That Assumes You Are Intelligent

Binary Domain is a third person cover shooter that has the gall to not insult my intelligence.

One Dimension: Women’s Bodies in ‘Tekken’

Tekken is supposed to feature fighters from all over the world, representing unique styles indicative of their region of origin, appearance, and personality. But for featuring such a huge array of playable characters, there’s a very homogenous pattern of bodies, particularly in terms of the game's women.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Disarming the Open World with ‘Sleeping Dogs’

Is the design of Sleeping Dogs's open world vision of Hong Kong a sufficiently unique experience by comparison to its forerunners?

‘Driver: San Francisco’ is a Game Without Stakes

Most of Driver takes place in a dream, so there's almost nothing at stake in this story. Yet it still works.

Kids, Monsters, and Metaphors

Papo & Yo demonstrates that a kid's story in a video game doesn't need to be childish.

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//Mixed media

In Defense of the Infinite Universe in 'No Man's Sky'

// Moving Pixels

"The common cries of disappointment that surround No Man’s Sky stem from the exciting idea of an infinite universe clashing with the harsh reality of an infinite universe.

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