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Moving Pixels

September 2010

Filling in the Details in Video Game Worlds

When an author constructs an entire world, they tend to want to show it off as much as possible and provide explanations to game players. That's when games get stuck, especially if borrowing from sci-fi or fantasy literature.

Moving Pixels Podcast: A Brief Review of This Year’s Indie Games

We discuss the virtues and vices of using games as a means to evoke emotion and whether they remain "games" in the familiar sense of the word at all.

‘Clash of the Titans: The Video Game’ is ‘Clash of the Titans: The Director’

Clash of the Titans: The Video Game follows the original script of the movie, not the reworked script that found its way into theaters.

The Pleasure of Another’s Company: ‘Starcraft’ Multiplayer Memories

Multi-player is the only real reason to buy Starcraft 2.

Samus Aran Has Always Been Sexualized

Whether intended or not, the progression of achievement in Metroid resembles a kind of virtual striptease. Playing well results in seeing more flesh.

Post-Structuralism in Video Games

It doesn’t matter what you try to force a space into being, people will define that space themselves in connection to other parts. A game designer never truly plays their own game.

What ‘Ys Seven’ Seems to Have Against Its Protagonist

Silence as a character trait is questionable enough in narrative games. When it's completely in conflict with the story, it is just baffling.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Talking With Jason Scott, The Director of ‘Get Lamp’

The Moving Pixels podcast speaks to Jason Scott, director of Get Lamp, a documentary exploring the history of text-based adventure games.

Considering the Slow Burn of ‘Final Fantasy XIII’

'Final Fantasy XIII' feels like a slow paced game because it takes its time developing its characters instead of its plot.

Prophecies Are the Way to Best Predict Lazy Storytelling

Prophesies usually come in two flavors: a hero will rise to defeat the evil whatever or a great evil will arise to consume us all. Most of the time though, they're simply used to add an illusion of gravitas to an otherwise typical situation.

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