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June 2012

The Body of the Barbarian

She's thick in the middle, has legs like tree trunks, and arms that look ripe to produce a gasp-inducing bear hug. This isn't a body that you often see in this medium.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Kickstarter, Crowd Sourcing, and Game Development

This week we consider the influence of crowd sourcing on game development.

A Character Creator That Creates Real Characters

The need to balance stats during character creation in Game of Thrones helps us create fully realized characters, not just hero templates.

Community Building through Movie Tie-Ins

King Kong and movie tie-in games like it seldom aim high, but they may yet provide an added value -- intentionally or otherwise -- to media communities.

Lollipops and Chainsaws: Doesn’t Anyone Listen to Punk Anymore?

If Lollipop Chainsaw with its dichotomy of ditzy, youthful provocativeness and horrific, grisly violence bothers you, it's mission accomplished for Suda51.

Moving Pixels Podcast: The Return of Payne

This episode we consider Max's transition from the darkened streets of New York to the sun splashed swanky penthouses and seamy favelas of Brazil.

The Walking Dead: Good Horror Takes Its Time

Telltale's The Walking Dead does what few horror games ever think to do: establish a normal world before sending it all to hell.

The Organic Feel of ‘Botanicula’

Part Dr. Seuss and part popup book, Botanicula presents a world that is both natural and fantastical.

Finite Fantasy: The Problem with JRPGs

Not long ago there wasn't a need to distinguish between western and Japanese RPGs. But the more that JRPG developers get stuck in their glory days, the more the genre suffers.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Reviving the Adventure Genre with ‘The Walking Dead’

Telltale's latest episodic adventure game proves the genre might not quite as dead as some have pronounced it to be.

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