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December 2011

Shigeru Miyamoto’s Working Retirement

To hear Miyamoto talk about retirement is a good thing.

The Problem of the Female Gangster

Drawing on familiar media representations and cultural histories for the sake of building a female gangster actually seems pretty difficult.

Storyline? In ‘Skyrim’? No Thanks!

The narrative rests in the relationship between the environment and the items found in it, specifically placed for the player to find and create an explanation.

Moving Pixels Podcast: The Curse of 3s, or the 2011 Holiday Gaming Season

Is the glut of game sequels at year's end a blessing or a curse?

Familiarity Breeds Suspense in ‘The Run’

Establishing a cast at the beginning that remains intact throughout the game could make it more fun to race.

Passivity and Women in Games

What is most overlooked in female game characters is competence.

The Logic and Illogic of ‘Skyrim’

Skyrim's logic lays the foundation for an enveloping, albeit precarious, form of world building.

‘Desert Bus’: The Cultural Event/Game

Desert Bus has become an event and has become part of the larger gaming culture with its own grammar of social interaction and meaning.

When Your Reading Assignment’s a Video Game

The world of Bethesda's Skyrim is filled with an almost intimidating amount of freedom for players. It's also a world where books are competing with the giddy thrill of dragon killing.

The Moving Pixels Podcast Discusses ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’

Before this holiday season's big releases, everyone was excited about the return of a little game called Deus Ex.

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'SUPERHOTLine Miami' Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

// Moving Pixels

"SUPERHOTLine Miami provides a perfect case study in how slow-motion affects the pace and tone of a game.

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