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March 2012

‘Dear Esther’, We’re Moving Past Story

Dear Esther critiques games that use innumerable amounts of game mechanics to communicate experience. It achieves much with just one.

Moving Pixels Podcast: The ‘Mass Effect’ Effect

With the ability to carry over story data from one game to the next, we consider how this system in Mass Effect affects the way we play the game and how much control we assert over getting "our" Mass Effect experience just right.

World Building With Tweets for ‘Mass Effect 3’

On March 5th the fictional Alliance News Network Twitter account stopped being a promotional news feed and became a personal story.

Activision’s ‘Skylanders’: The Collectible Craze

Children will hear about the various toys and can't resist trying to collect them. Their parents then have to shell out over and over for newer figures.

‘Journey’ and Seeing the Best in My Fellow Gamer

Journey offers a glimpse at a kinder, more optimistic side of random matchmaking.

Machismo and ‘Mass Effect’

For characters in Mass Effect, sometimes working out their feelings about their past requires hitting someone or being hit by someone.

Why ‘Journey’ Matters Is the Same Reason Why Video Games Matter

Journey is a significant milestone for video games, and I suspect that I’m not alone in celebrating it as a success and maybe even as a paradigm for video game artistry.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Stereotypes Vs. Archetypes in Video Games

How many stoic lone gunmen and delicate and sensitive female healers can one medium bear?

Combat as Character Development in ‘Assassin’s Creed’

As the combat in Assassin's Creed changes from game to game, so do the character traits that it implies.

Contemplative Solitude in Games

The most interesting moments of video game solitude are populated by the ghostly presence of the past and future, and they become an integral part of play.

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Best of the Moving Pixels Podcast: Further Explorations of the Zero

// Moving Pixels

"We continue our discussion of the early episodes of Kentucky Route Zero by focusing on its third act.

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