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April 2012

The Anxious Productivity of ‘Temple Run’

Casual games are supposed to be fun, but do they actually produce more anxiety than pleasure?

Moving Pixels Podcast: Top 5 Arcade Games of All-Time

This week, the Moving Pixels podcast considers their personal picks for the top five arcade games of all time.

‘Resistance 3’ Proves the Deficiencies of Health Packs

Resistance 3 proves that all the criticisms of regenerating health are only exacerbated by games with a health pack based healing system.

Games and the Making of Ominous Architecture

We can better understand our responses to certain physical spaces by tapping into the study of human psychology and the visceral reactions that we have to aesthetics and architecture, a field that game designers explore constantly.

The Limits of Retro Gaming Experiences

Ice Climber is the game that I might rank as my favorite game that lacked an end-goal, that created an arcade-like experience in which the player kept climbing for the sake of climbing and for, of course, the sake of points. Though that was not the only reason that one climbed.

Must I Say Goodbye?: Leaving Behind jRPGs

The idea of Japanese RPGs vs. Western RPGs seems like a false dichotomy. Rather, it’s just jRPGs vs. everything else.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Gaming “For Freedom!”

Part parody, part loving homage to the Silver Age of comic books, Freedom Force was the best superhero video game that we played before the advent of Arkham.

Bioware Finally Gets the Morality Meter Right in ‘Mass Effect 3’

Mass Effect has always had trouble presenting its morality system to players -- that is, until Mass Effect 3.

In Support of Director’s Cuts

What kind of material gets left out of the strongest video games? What would weaker games look like without any excess fat? Director's cuts could reveal broader lessons about the games that we play.

The Problems and Potential of ‘Closure’

"Is this a sequel to Braid? Or that other game with the kid in the dark?"

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Moving Pixels Podcast: Highbrow, Middle Brow, and Lowbrow in Free-to-Play Gaming

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"From the charmingly trashy to the more artistically inclined, there is a wide variety of gaming options in the free-to-play market.

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