Notes from the Road

August 2009

Alela Diane: 14 August 2009 - Union Hall, Brooklyn

Three unique women vocalists from Australia, Oregon and Brooklyn carried a night of modern folk music that, as the headlining Alela Diane put it, made sense together.

The Juan Maclean: 8 August 2009 - Brooklyn

Live @ Old American Can Factory / Words and Pictures by Thomas Hauner

The Little Dog Laughed At Wellfleet Harbor Actor’s Theater

The Little Dog Laughed was consistently funny, but held sadness and sacrifice waiting in the wings at all times.

Wanderlust Festival Day 3

27 July 2009 - Lake Tahoe, CA

Wanderlust Festival Day 2: 26 July 2009 - Lake Tahoe, CA

The cofounders of the Wanderlust Festival organized the event as half music/half yoga, and attendees could buy tickets for one part or the other

The Veils: 23 July 2009 - Empty Bottle, Chicago

It’s impossible to be a casual Veils fan. Once you hear the sense of desperation inherent within Finn Andrews’ vocals, you’re hooked. Unlike

New Music Seminar: 21 July 2009 - Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, New York

In an already suffering industry there are more alarming statistics than one can shake a drum stick at.

Wanderlust Festival Day 1: 25 July 2009 -  Lake Tahoe, CA

The Wanderlust music festival began right on time as the musical/performance-art circus troupe The Muytator hit the stage promptly at 9:00 pm. The Muytator include

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