January 2009

Poe’s 200th: A Re:Print Celebration

Oh, it’s going to be a wonderful week. This 19 January marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe, one of the

The Teenage Reader

Do you remember what sort of books you enjoyed when you were a teenager? Or if you’re a teenager right now, what are you

Banned for banality

Anyone with a passion for language has them—those pesky words or constructions that turn your blood to at least a simmer, if not a

“Duck rescue missions”: Introducing Inscriptions

They say you should never take an ink pen to a book. My mother would faint at the very idea. I’ve always argued with

Does Christopher Moore follow Chuck Palahniuk?

Where do you turn when you need to recommend a book or buy a gift – for someone with completely different reading tastes than you have?

In anticipation: Books in ‘09

I love a New Year. Time to clear out the baggage of the year before and start fresh. It’s time, too, when I challenge

December 2008

Giving the Gift of Literature

For a family of avid readers like mine, books are an obvious choice for gift-giving times.  It’s a fairly sure bet that it

The Girl in the Flammable Skirt

During my holiday travels this year I’ve made a concerted effort not to tote around superfluous reading materials; instead I’m relying on friends

The Reading Brain

Over several thousand years the human brain has been changed by the act of reading. Our brains continue to evolve, and a number of scientific

Christmas Carolling

If you’re one of those diehard anti-consumerists who usually spends this time of year blaming Coca Cola for all things Christmas, it might come

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Explores 'This Is the Police'

// Moving Pixels

"This week we take a look at the themes and politics of This Is the Police.

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