May 2008

Kids hate reading: The Plight of the Accidental Tourist

At least once a week in the video store, a high school kid will ask me this question: “Have you got The Accidental Tourist?” It’

Blubberland by Elizabeth M. Farrelly

Blubberlandby Elizabeth M. FarrellyMIT PressMarch 2008, 219 pages, $19.95 Author Elizabeth Farrelly kicks off Blubberland with something of an extended mea culpa: I, like you, drive too much.

The End of Gemma Doyle

Only I stand apart. And secretly, I fear it shall always be this way, me alone, belonging to no one, no tribe, always standing just

Camels on Bondi: the Sydney Writers’ Fest commercial

It’s just two weeks until Jeanette Winterson officially opens the Sydney Writers’ Festival. The event brings together writers from Australia and the world, to

Imported Gems

The migrant experience has been the topic of libraries full of books: some good, some poor; some true, some fictionalised.  The archetypal story sees

April 2008

Farewell William Warner

Like most crustaceans, the blue crab has stalked eyes. When a crab is at peace with the world, they are but two little round beads.

Evil Boy Genius

Recently I started making my way through Irish author Eoin “It’s Pronounced ‘Owen’!” Colfer’s popular Artemis Fowl series. I’ll admit, I’m

Ginger Spice: Author

Ugenia Lavenderby Geri HalliwellMacmillan UKMay 2008, 160 pages, 6.99 “I know there is prejudice against celebrity authors but if you read my stories you’ll know they’re

Still: Cowboys at the Start of the 21st Century

Stillby Robb KendrickUniversity of Texas PressFebruary 2008, 232 pages. $50.00 Robb Kendrick has a great passion for the tintype photographic process. In Still, he uses this process to

True crime author launches poker blog

Cannibalsby Jimmy Lee ShreeveJohn Blake PublishingApril 2008, 288 pages ... because it’s just about the greatest PR headline I’ve ever seen. The skinny? UK-based true crime

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Playing to Lose: The Tragedy of 'This Is the Police'

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"Video gamers are not accustomed to playing to lose.

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