September 2007

Reclusive authors in the spotlight

It can come off as arrogance, sensitivity, or a noble dissent—a high-minded refusal to engage with America’s culture of celebrity, erosion of privacy

Revisiting that night

Alice Leccese Powers looks back at Alice McDermott’s The Night in this week’s “You Must Read This” on NPR. Powers considers the book

August 2007

We Are (Somewhat) Amused

You have to wonder if the manuscript for The Uncommon Reader had been just sitting in Alan Bennett’s trunk gathering dust for years, its

What went wrong: The Night Listener

How did it all go so horribly wrong, Armistead Maupin? After a marathon reading session from one in the afternoon to nine at night, I

Stories from Katrina

It makes sense that, two years on, we’re seeing more and more books about Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. It’s time for reflection,

Winning the Right War

Was Vietnam like this? Every month, it seems, heavier and heavier tomes about the Iraq War are deposited on the nation’s bookshelves. Although they

In appreciation: The Book of Disquiet

The Book of DisquietAuthor: Fernando PessoaPenguinDecember 2002, 544 pages, $16.00 Have you ever finished a book and then gone back to the beginning to read it all over

Ink on Dreams of Transient Architecture

“I have been told repeatedly during various stages of my life that we are all moving toward the same luminous object ...”—Patrick Elkins Ink on

Author appreciation: Henry Treece

Reading Henry Treece’s The Green Man, which climaxes in a long spasm of apocalyptic violence—death by sword, buildings on fire, women eaten by

John Peel: Margrave of the Marshes

John Peel: Margrave of the Marshesby John Peel, Sheila RavenscroftChicago Review PressJune 2007, 432 pages, $19.95 A portrait of the life of John Peel, not only the best

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Tibet House's 30th Anniversary Benefit Concert Celebrated Philip Glass' 80th

// Notes from the Road

"Philip Glass, the artistic director of the Tibet House benefits, celebrated his 80th birthday at this year's annual benefit with performances from Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Brittany Howard, Sufjan Stevens and more.

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