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October 2014

‘Dracula Untold’ Is More ‘Game of Thrones’ Than a Trip to Transylvania

Dracula Untold is terrible. It should be subtitled Dracula Unnecessary.

10 Horror Films You Need to Catch Up With

Even the most dedicated follower of fear hasn't seen every horror movie made. Here are ten you need to catch up with, if you haven't already.

‘Gunfight at Red Sands’ Is Not, As the Lyrics to Its Featured Track Suggest, a Racist Film

Gunfight at Red Sands is the best Spaghetti Western I have seen that was made before Sergio Leone's genre defining Fistful of Dollars.

‘Wake Up and Dream’ Was, and Still Is, an Odd Duck

This film may have picked up some sentimental value over the past 70 years, but it hasn't picked up much else during that time.

‘Enchantment’ Plays the Heartstrings Without Overdoing It

This tale of two love stories intertwining in an English row house is excellent in all aspects.

‘Annabelle’ Can’t “Conjure” Up its Predecessor’s Scares

Annabelle could have been great. Unfortunately, it barely lives up to its horror heritage.

I Married a Monster? ‘Gone Girl’

Even with its bestseller pedigree, Gone Girl would be a significant cinematic achievement, mostly for all the things it avoids while getting so much of the mystery thriller genre right.

‘Left Behind’ Lacks Legitimate Biblical Bite

Left Behind is laughably bad, indescribably stupid, and fails in its most basic motion picture function: to turn people back to God.

Cuarón, Almodóvar, and Cassavetes Saved From the Curse of Blockbuster

Due to the time when Blockbuster refused to stock unrated or NC-17 films, many viewers in the States missed out on essential films from directors like Alfonso Cuarón and Pedro Almodóvar.

Compared to Most Spaghetti Westerns, ‘Dead for a Dollar’ Is a Feminist Film

After Dead for a Dollar, you'll never eat turkey the same way again.

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