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September 2015

Eight Films That Defied Their Low Budgets

Money isn't everything, although in film making it counts for a lot. These eight films defy their minuscule budgets.

Venice Film Festival 2015: Anomalisa + Rabin, the Last Day + To Sleep with Anger + De Palma

Anomalisa, Rabin, the Last Day, To Sleep with Anger and De Palma make for one hell of a day

Venice Film Festival 2015: ‘Courted’ + ‘Frenzy’

Falling in love in Courted and falling apart in fear in Frenzy.

Venice Film Festival 2015: ‘Neon Bull’ + ‘Looking for Grace’ + ‘Beasts of No Nation’

The 72nd Venice Film Festival kicks off with Neon Bull, Looking for Grace and Beasts of No Nation

Double Take: The African Queen (1951)

What a time they had, Charlie and Rosie. They'll never lack for stories to tell their grandchildren. And what a time we had at Double Take discussing the spiritual and romantic journey of the African Queen.

August 2015

The Eye of Lenzi: “Gang War in Milan” and “Spasmo”

Two wide and handsome Italian thrillers of the 1970s.

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//Mixed media

Best of the Moving Pixels Podcast: Further Explorations of the Zero

// Moving Pixels

"We continue our discussion of the early episodes of Kentucky Route Zero by focusing on its third act.

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