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January 2015

The 20 Most Anticipated Films of 2015

Over the next 12 months, we will be bombarded with all manner of proposed cinematic spectacle. Here are the 20 films we are most looking forward to.

Double Take: Mean Streets (1973)

Starting today at PopMatters, "Double Take" does for film what "Counterbalance" does for music. Film geeks Steve Leftridge and Steve Pick regularly examine the "500 Greatest Films Ever Made".

‘Between God, the Devil and a Winchester’ Is the Spaghetti Western Take on ‘Treasure Island’

This subpar spaghetti western struggles to keep the magic of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel alive.

Victim Blaming in the 1950s: ‘Witness to Murder’

This entry in the '50s noir cycle is an exercise in paranoia from a woman's point of view.

Tom Hardy in ‘Locke’: The Most Overlooked Performance at the 2014 Golden Globes

Tom Hardy’s visceral performance in this one-man meltdown packs more drama than a half-dozen multi-character stories.

There’s Not Enough Music in ‘Pete Kelly’s Blues’

No amount of melodramatic hysteria or Ella Fitzgerald's singing can save Pete Kelly's Blues from its bland angle on its subject.

Joan Crawford Lets Us Have It in ‘Possessed’

This Joan Crawford vehicle is a tantalizing mix of woman's melodrama and Freudian noir.

Despite Its Flaws, ‘If You Meet Sartana… Pray for Your Death’ Stacks Up the Action

High on body count and choreography, this movie is fortunately packed with enough action to distract from a mediocre plot.

‘Manuscripts Don’t Burn’ Is a Claustrophobically Good Time

This enigmatic Iranian film is designed to undermine your comfort.

The Most Underrated Films of 2014

While not quite up to being included in Short Ends and Leader's Best Films list, these ten films still represent the reason for each movie season.

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