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June 2009

Suck It, Sommers!

So, someone finally wised up. Some suit, probably lacking the usual double de-caf latte that keeps his brain in perpetual denial for hours at a

The Ultimate Penultimate in ‘The Color Purple’

In a true Holly wood ending, Shug’s story would have ended when she burst into the church to face her father -- her community, kids, kin and parish. “Reverend Lee, do it to me,” she would have said in the typical Hollywood version, if not for the strong narrative of Alice Walker’s story. And we know what “it” means. “Do it,” is the most middle-school euphemism for f*cking.

Critical Confessions: Part 17 - A Glossary of Screening Rats (Part 1)

I wish I could take credit for the label. Instead, I first heard it from fellow critic Dawn Taylor. A Portland, OR staple low these

‘Lost’ Cause: The Meaning of $19 Million

Rumors have the final cost cruising somewhere close to $100 million, an amazing amount considering what eventually ended up on the screen. The stars have been

Giuseppe Andrews’ Doily’s Summer of Freak Occurrences

Martin Scorsese has his Robert DeNiro. Tony Scott has Denzel Washington. In fact, there are a lot of directors who single out a certain actor

This ‘Land’ is Truly ‘Lost’

Listen up, Hollywood! There is only one way to handle the remake of a kitschy, campy, ‘60s/‘70s fever dream classic - and, no, we

Away We Go: Home Sweet Wherever

A finely pedigreed comic road film that, when all is said and done, is too finely-tooled for the NPR set to have much life left in it.

Kwai Chang Caine R.I.P.

While I could appreciate where Quentin Tarantino was coming from with Kill Bill and the ways he dutifully pays homage to old school pop culture

Recreating Krofft - Five Future Remake Ideas

With Land of the Lost slinking into theaters like the dying 800lb $100 million gorilla it is, the Kroffts better take stock of their entire creative

Land of the Lost: The Complete TV Series (A Review Reprint)

In order to get ready for the new big screen adaptation of the Sid and Marty Krofft '70s kid extravaganza, SE&L features a review written by our editor, Bill Gibron, back when the original TV series was released on DVD. Enjoy (trust us - it's MUCH better than the upcoming movie).

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Best of the Moving Pixels Podcast: Further Explorations of the Zero

// Moving Pixels

"We continue our discussion of the early episodes of Kentucky Route Zero by focusing on its third act.

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