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July 2009

The Unborn: Unrated (2009)

Sometimes a movie makes a decision so dumbfounding, or takes a narrative path so peculiar, that it can’t fully recuperate from such a lame

10,000 AD: Legend of the Black Pearl (2008)

Most independent filmmakers lack balls. Oh sure, they think that by tackling their lingering interpersonal issues, traumas tripped by memories of failed potty training and

June 2009

The Midnight Blue Collection: Volumes 6 & 7 - Porn Stars of the ‘80s/‘90s

In the world of adult films, the word “star” is used loosely, not literally. There are very few names within said bulging billion dollar industry

Hungry Years (2009)

We all have our causes. Animal rights. Kinky sex. Health. Gay and/or National pride. Religious zealotry. Artistic expression. Self-actualization. And within said philosophies are

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)

It’s official - the great cinematic experiment known as the video game adaptation is an outright failure. There’s no denying it. Just look

Dragon Hunters (2008)

It’s amazing how quickly illustrators and designers forget that animation is art. For most of them, the concept of cartooning and commerciality are so

Pot Zombies (2005)

Titles are a tough thing. Ask any writer or creative individual and they will agree - naming a thing is far more difficult than making

‘Away’ is a Wonderful, Wonky Road Trip

Up until this point, they had avoided responsibility. They lived like nomads, sequestered from family and friends while indulging in their own insular (and happy)

‘Sister’ Stumbles Toward a Cop-Out Climax

She’s the alien in the other room, the otherworldly creature riddled with a mysterious disease that is, somehow, destroying not only her, but the

Racism: You Know…For Kids!

Whenever Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen needs a shot of senseless stupidity, Mudflaps and Skids show up and start acting like a bad post-modern minstrel show.

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How Röyksopp's 'Melody A.M.' Brought Electronica Into the Mainstream

// Sound Affects

"With their debut, the Norwegian duo essentially provided the everyman's guide to electronic music.

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