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July 2009

‘Disappeared’ is Intense, Unusual Ghost Story

While it may miss an opportunity here or there, The Disappeared is an eerie, entertaining effort.

‘Half-Blood Prince’ is First Rate Film

Thank God Harry Potter has finally grown up. With this particularly troubling episode under his belt, he's ready to take on anything.

Anatomy of a Remake: ‘REC’ vs. ‘Quarantine’

It’s a film criticism cliché - remakes suck. Sure, there are exceptions, but for the most part, taking an already established film and “updating”/“

Harry Potter, Forever!

It's fascinating to watch a young cast grow through the years in (more or less) tandem with the age of their quickly maturing characters. It becomes somewhat less so, however, to watch them undergo the same kind of trials and tribulations from one film to the next.

Surround Sound: Could It Be Magic?

In this installment, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, SkyRiders, and The Interior

Sacha Baron Cohen: The Joke’s on YOU!

Cohen is funny because he offers up ideas that are tired, obvious, and completely calculated, and then gets those recently born suckers that PT Barnum loved to mention to buy into it freely and openly. He's not laughing with you. He's laughing at you!

Morning Light: A True-Life Documentary (2009)

Amazing feats of human athleticism, no matter the category, always seem to inspire. Whether it’s a time-tested pro making one last attempt at twilight

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

What does it say about today’s modern woman that fashion has taken the place of feminism. Is the battle for equality and professional recognition

Circle of Iron (1978): Blu-ray

No other deceased superstar has as sketchy a legacy as kung fu king Bruce Lee. Part of it comes from the fact that he was

‘Brüno’ Beleagured by Same Old Shtick

Ridiculing American rubes is like shooting dead, motionless fish in a barrel filled with Jell-O. The only "genius" involved is getting the public to buy it as scandal.

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