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April 2008

Seaver-Mania! - Part 2: Wet Heat/ Ski Wolf

As a director, he continues to grow. He style has stayed basically the same, yet he still finds new ways to incorporate inventive ideas and

March 2008

Seaver-Mania! - Part 1: Teenape Goes to Camp/ The Film Crew

As a director, he continues to grow. His style has stayed basically the same, yet he still finds new ways to incorporate inventive ideas and

Critical Confessions: Part 6 - Security Blanket

My, oh my, do the studios really hate piracy. Actually, that’s far too subtle a sentiment. They loathe the illegal activity, despising it with

Friday Film Focus - 28 March, 2008

For the weekend beginning 28 March, here are the films in focus: Stop-Loss [rating: 5]...more of an artillery based Abercrombie and Fitch road trip than a

‘Stop-Loss’ Stops Short

The War in Iraq remains a tricky cinematic situation. Over the last few months, there’s been a myriad of motion pictures that have decided

‘Chapter 27’ Tells an Incomplete Tale

For an entire generation, the death of John Lennon resonates more clearly than the assassination of President Kennedy or the suicide of Kurt Cobain. As

‘Married Life’ Shouldn’t Be This Mediocre

Marriage might just be the perfect cinematic allegory. You can infer so many differing metaphoric elements in the dissection of why men and women marry

‘Fat Boy’ Can’t Cross the Finish Line

Romantic comedies are, by their very nature, saddled with two completely different sets of motion picture hurdles. First, the story needs to be quixotic, dealing

Spring Break: Geek Out

On our final day of Spring Break, SE&L looks back at an August 2007 essay on how Internet PR is failing to capitalize on the built-in fanbase frenzy of the web.

Spring Break: Ground Down

With Grindhouse premiering on the Starz Movie channel this month, it’s time for SE&L‘s Spring Break to revisit a April 2007 look at the film’s box office failure.

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