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November 2008

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

As a cinematic foundation, the Holocaust has just about run its course. Certainly there will be other examples of stellar filmmaking - i.e. Schindler’

Vamp-Ire: ‘Twilight’ vs ‘Let the Right One In’

Blame Anne Rice. Blame her for being the literary stake in the original vampire’s heart. If it wasn’t for her spinster prose take

Boyle-ing Over

He may be our most inventive living director - or at the very least, our must idiosyncratic. In his brief tenure as a feature filmmaker

Surround Sound: Hit It (Soul Men/ The Guitar/Nobel Son)

The juxtaposition of instrumental music with actual songs seems almost antithetical to the movie soundtrack dynamic. After all, we view the score as something supporting

The Beatles in ‘Help!’

In commemoration of PopMatters’ look at the 40th Anniversary of The Beatles “White” album, Short Ends and Leader looks back at our review from November 2007 of the Fab Four’s farcical masterwork, Help!

Weekend Rewind - 14 November 2008

It’s a strange weekend for film fans. Unless you’re enamored of a certain British secret agent and his contemporary post-modern reimagining, you’re


He’s that old friend we hardly recognize anymore, that middle aged idol that’s, apparently, going through a bit of a creative and cultural

‘Chokher Bali’ - A Grain of Sand in the Eye (2003)

It often seems like India makes more movies than any other country.  Though many are made at the low-cost, formulaic, “flash-and-bang” manner of the

Surround Sound: Supplements (Spooks/Appaloosa/Max Payne/ The Express)

A soundtrack, by its very definition, is a supplement. It’s not meant to overshadow the movie, or make a statement separate from the vision

Just Say No - The Will Smith/Steven Spielberg Remake of ‘Oldboy’

Right now, it’s only a rumor, and if the gods of film are paying attention, here’s hoping it stays that way. Granted, Variety

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Cage the Elephant Ignite Central Park with Kickoff for Summerstage Season

// Notes from the Road

"Cage the Elephant rocked two sold-out nights at Summerstage and return to NYC for a free show May 29th. Info on that and a preview of the full Summerstage schedule is here.

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