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September 2007

29 September, 2007

Here it is, the last Viewer Discretion Advised before SE&L settles in for its annual examination of horror in all its many film-oriented

Feast of Love (2007)

Apparently, people just can’t be ‘people’ in the movies. Gone are the days when individual idiosyncrasy and outright character quirks gauged a personality. Now –

The Kingdom (2007)

The current War on Terror offers some tenuous propositions at best, perhaps the most confusing being the President’s preemptive belief that we are “fighting

Summer Bliss - The Bourne Ultimatum/ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix/ No Reservations

Since the overwhelming success of Jaws (Steven Spielberg) back in 1975, the summer has become a dramatic battleground where Hollywood studios briskly compete for the audience’

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (2007)

While we like to consider ourselves clued in, culturally speaking, it is fairly obvious that most of us spend our lives in sheltered consideration of

The Shark is Still Working (2006)

When lists are made of the important post-modern movies, Jaws usually gets its due. It’s heralded for its breakout blockbuster novelty, and illustrative of

25 September, 2007

Suddenly, it’s a full blown fright night at your local B&M. Now, you’d think that manufacturers and distributors would wait until

Knock(ed) Out - How Judd Apatow Saved Big Screen Comedy

The special two disc Collector’s Edition of Knocked Up will be offered by Universal DVD on 25, September. For more details on this release, click here

Dragon Heat

When East meets West in cuisine, they call it fusion. When they collide cinematically, it could easily be labeled con-fusion. When a fan approaches a

D.O.A.: Dead or Alive (2006)

Girls in bikinis kicking butt – sounds like nothing more than sexist male fantasy fodder, right? No matter the scholarly interpretation and arguments over empowerment, it’

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