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March 2008

Spring Break: It’s Miller Time!

With 300 current in heavy rotation on Cinemax and HBO, it’s time for SE&L to take a few days off for Spring Break. In the meantime, enjoy this March 2007 piece on how Frank Miller’s style could enliven other ‘dead’ genres.

Easter Alternatives

It’s not the most visualized holiday in the motion picture canon. Perhaps it has something to do with the bifurcated nature of the celebration.

P.T.U.: Police Tactical Unit

Unlike most cinematic genres, the Hong Kong crime film is a fluid, flexible category. It can easily embrace horror, comedy, drama, and even the occasional

The Mist: Two Disc Collector’s Edition

Sometimes, a filmmaker needs to be dragged out of his or her comfort zone. It’s not because what they do is so dull or

‘Taylor’ More Hit or Miss than Hilarious

Is it fair to judge a comedy as a failure if it doesn’t make you laugh? That’s not really a rhetorical question. Indeed,

Sanctified: In Defense of Tyler Perry

Don’t worry if you don’t “get” Tyler Perry. You’re probably not his intended audience, anyway. As a playwright, he strives to understand

Kurt Cobain About a Son

There has always been something accidental about Kurt Cobain’s legacy. His remains a myth forged out of an undeniable gift, cultural happenstance, and a “

South Park: Imaginationland

South Park has always been a show about contrasts. On the one hand, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have loved to wallow in the

Sins and Sensibility: Atonement (2007)

It’s said that confession is good for the soul. Of course, this assumes one has a conscience worth redeeming. It’s clear that not

The Dragon Painter

The aesthetic life of an artist has long been a cinematic source for stirring characterization. The connection between the gifted and the disturbed, the obsessive

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Truth and Other Restrictions: 'True Detective' - Episode 7 - "Black Maps and Motel Rooms"

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"Series creator Nic Pizzolatto constructs the entire season on a simple exchange: death seems to be the metaphysical wage of knowledge.

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