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November 2007

Friday Film Focus - 2 November 2007

For the weekend of 02 November, here are the films in focus: American Gangster [rating: 8] American Gangster is an oddly one note movie made more or

This ‘Child’ Should Have Stayed in Space

MARTIAN CHILD (dir. Menno Meyjes) Some stories don’t need reforming. They are fine just as they are. When openly gay writer David Gerrold decided

Quirky Indie is ‘Wristcutters’ Above the Rest

WRISTCUTTERS: A LOVE STORY (dir. Goran Dukic) Suicide is a slippery cinematic slope. Introduce it into a narrative and you imply issues you may not

‘Bee’ Provides a Pleasant Buzz

BEE MOVIE (dir. Steve Hickner & Simon J. Smith) While it may seem like blasphemy to say it, the comedic allure of Jerry Seinfeld remains

‘Gangster’ Is a Bit Too Old School

AMERICAN GANGSTER (dir. Ridley Scott) Is there really that much more to be said about mobsters—at least, cinematically? Hasn’t Francis Ford Copolla, Martin

October 2007

Daniel Kraus’ Sheriff

Daniel Kraus’ PBS sponsored documentary about local law enforcement in a small southern town is an outright masterpiece. Sheriff strives to do little more than

Rob Bottin Rocks!

As our month-long tribute to terror ends, SE&L celebrates one of the missing in action icons of practical special effects - Mr. Rob Bottin.

Experiments in Terror 2

By its very nature, the short film has a hard time lending itself to horror. While the simple shock, the gross out gag, and the

Why We Love Zombies

They’re the go-to ghouls when things get dicey, a bit of splatter spice when dialogue and characterization can’t save you. From their initial

Cannibal Man

Ask any writer and they will tell you – titles are perhaps the most difficult part of the literary process. A great moniker can really accent

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