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June 2008

Friday Film Focus - 20 June, 2008

It’s nothing but comedies (and nothing very good) this week - with one limited release exception. For 20 June, here are the films in focus

‘Smart’ Sucks

By its very definition, something that’s “generic” is seen as “having no particularly distinctive quality or application”. This doesn’t make the object in

‘Fist’ is Funny and Fresh

Comedy can come out of a number of circumstances. Sometimes, all you need is a goofy premise, and audiences will laugh without realizing it. At


It stands as one of the most unusual, and blinkered, boycotts ever. For the last few months, self-proclaimed Indo-American leader Rajan Zed has been waging

Here’s The Thing…

It says a lot about Hollywood that the alien American audiences preferred in the summer of 1982 was so innocuous and sentimental you almost expected it to pull off a mask to reveal that it was, in fact, Mickey Mouse.

Monsters, Myths, and Magic: Stan Winston (1946 - 2008)

In an arena where many do their job without much exposure to the limelight, Stan Winston was a God. It’s a term tossed around

Movie News Tuesday: 17 June 2008

‘Death Race’ Remake Gets a Trailer Ever since it was announced, fans have been anxiously awaiting any word on what noted genre journeyman (read ‘hack’)

Dear Marvel Comics

Dear Marvel Comics: Get ready. If rumors are true, and you are indeed lowballing Jon Favreau out of participation in Iron Man 2 (a story now

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

There is a fine line between realism and the ridiculous. Put another way, when dealing with ethnic archetypes, it is easy to confuse truth with

Vistas: The Lawrence Jordan Album

We often forget how much actual art there is in the art of animation. Not so much skill or filmmaking acumen, but genuine, painstaking personal

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I Just Murdered My Sister, and It Was Kind of Fun

// Moving Pixels

"The Deed makes murder a game, a pretty fun game.

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