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December 2007

Experimental Indie Film Worth a ‘Look’

LOOK [dir. Adam Rifkin] There is no such thing as privacy. Stop kidding yourself. From the moment you leave the house to the second you

‘Chipmunks’ Choke on their CG Stupidity

ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS [dir. Tim Hill] When one reviews the history of pop culture fads and phenomenon, the unlikely popularity of Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.

‘I Am’ Lethargic

I AM LEGEND [dir. Francis Lawrence] Richard Matheson should have never written his now classic genre novel I Am Legend. Over the four decades since

Critical Confessions: Part 2 - Seating Envy

Preview screenings audiences covet. They covet the tickets that got them into the promotional event in the first place. They covet the swag that studios

Past Perfect: Network (1976)

In celebration of Sidney Lumet’s recent triumph Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, SE&L takes a look back at one of the director’s seminal ‘70s masterpieces.

Surround Sound: Block Busting (Transformers/Saw IV/The Return of the King: The Complete Recordings)

Hollywood is obsessed with the epic. They can’t get enough of the ‘bigger is better’ mindset when it comes to moviemaking. At one time,

‘Bourne’ Again

With the DVD version of the Summer hit The Bourne Ultimatum arriving at stores this week (11 December), it’s time to look back on the entire Bourne film franchise to date. Within the context of the new digital package’s throng of special features (commentary track, making-of materials, documentaries on the amazing special effects), one can look at the three films together and see a cohesive attempt to transcend the trappings of the traditional action film.

Killer Snakes

When film fans think Hong Kong, their mind typically envisions martial arts mania, dedicated shaolin’s kicking period piece butt with a highly skilled and

The Three Stooges Collection Volume 1: 1934 - 1936

They represent the last word in physical comedy, their surefire slapstick a crazy cut above everyone who would eventually try and imitate their art. While

Friday Film Focus - 07 December 2007

For the weekend beginning 30 November, here are the films in focus: Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead [rating: 8] Before the Devil Knows You’re

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'True Detective': Maybe Tomorrow

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"True Detective, Season 2, Episode 3: Where does the kitsch end and the surreal begin?

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