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November 2007

Criterion Classics - The 3 Penny Opera (1931)

When Bobby Darin went from teeny-bopper “splish splash” to pseudo-Sinatra swing, he brought along a vampy, jazzy update of an old Louis Armstrong number with

The ‘Unrated’ Conspiracy

It’s the dirty little secret that the DVD industry doesn’t want you to know about, the scam that gives them more than one

Who’s Your Caddy?

Film criticism is flawed in dozens of different ways. While there is no reliable aesthetic consensus among opinions, fans and scholars like to imply (or

Negativland: Our Favorite Things

Seated alongside The Residents as long time bay area agent provocateurs, the San Francisco based avant-gardists Negativland consistently defy description. Sonic poets, defenders of free

Remake Me Again

For the week of Thanksgiving (at least for those of us here, in America), SE&L will look back at some of the stories from earlier in the year which suddenly have renewed relevance.

With the announcement that director Marcus Nispel will be stepping up to helm the Michael Bay-produced remake of Friday the 13th we look back at a list of titles that truly deserve a cinematic revisit.

Wednesday Film Focus - 21 November 2007

For the long holiday weekend beginning 21 November, here are the films in focus: The Mist [rating: 8] The Mist is destined to go down as a

‘Hitman’ Completely Misses the Mark

Come back John Woo – all it forgiven. Sure, Windtalkers was a waste of time, and anything for a Paycheck didn’t demand you lower your

‘Enchanted’ is Just That

It’s amazing that the House of Mouse never thought of this before: taking one of their signature, slightly saccharine animated heroines and tossing her –

Darabont’s ‘Mist’ Defies Description

The indirect partnership of author Stephen King and writer/director Frank Darabont remains one of film’s most fascinating. Somehow, after crafting several genre scripts

Nothing ‘August’ About this Saccharine Slop

Music is given credit for a lot of things. It forms the soundtrack of our lives, has charms to soothe the savage breast, and expresses

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Counterbalance: The Avalanches' 'Since I Left You'

// Sound Affects

"Get a drink, have a good time now. Welcome to paradise, and read all about the 305th most acclaimed album of all time. An Australian plunderphonics pioneer is this week’s Counterbalance.

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