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August 2007

Who’s Minding the Store: 14 August, 2007

It’s a week of extremes at the old B&M. On the one hand you have the arrival of the latest opus by

The Front Page: Blow Me Up, Scotty

The hot rumor this week, blazing across the Internet at a slightly ironic warp speed, is the talk that none other than Tom Cruise will

On DVD - Disturbia (2007)

It’s a hoary old cliché – the so-called somber suburbs are actually a hotbed of unfathomable evil. Along with the rampant adultery, everpresent pedophilia, tantamount

On DVD - Crime Story (1993)

When fans and admirers inside pop culture think of Jackie Chan, the image is usually the same. In a clever combination of Buster Keaton and

Short Cuts - In Theaters: Stardust (2007)

Where and when, exactly, did Neil Gaiman earn all this geek love credentials? It’s safe to say that, outside the insular realm of select

Viewer Discretion Advised: 11 August, 2007

It’s a tough week for the homebound film fan. Unless you can get out and hit a Cineplex, or find the opportunity to enjoy

Short Cuts - In Theaters: Rush Hour 3 (2007)

Chris Tucker is smart as Hell. Don’t believe it? Well, can you name another actor earning $25 million for doing the same thing he’s

Short Cuts - Forgotten Gems: The Comedians (1967)

Elizabeth Taylor in Dahomey, West Africa, 1967 The Comedians (1967) Dir: Peter Glenville The Burtons, after a string of colossal flops, (Cleopatra, The V.I.P.s,

Past Perfect: Criterion Classics - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

When it comes right down to it, 1971 was mired in chaos. The Beatles had disbanded, the Kennedys were either dead or hip deep in career

Who’s Minding the Store: 7 August, 2007

Here’s a warning, well in advance. According to those on the inside, the Fourth Quarter of 2007, the three months leading up and through Christmas,

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