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May 2008

Whimsy Works For (and Against) Chow’s ‘CJ7’

Every director has a little whimsy in him (or her). It’s a crucial element for being an artist. When utilized sparingly, channeled alongside a

‘Frontier(s)’ Follows Familiar Fear Formula

When it comes to reviving old horror clichés, the French have been on quite a roll recently. First, they deconstructed the stand alone suspense

Critical Confessions: Part 8 - An Open Letter to the Online Critic

Dear Fellow Writer: The time is now. It’s our moment to put up or forever shut up. Print is dying, there’s no two

Mascara (1999)

Wednesday, a legitimate ‘weak’ day here at Short Ends & Leader. Today’s crappy effort is an appalling chick flick that gives gender issues a very bad rap.

W Stoned

Leave it to film’s last agent provocateur to do what a sloppy stoner comedy couldn’t. A couple of weeks ago, when the lackluster

‘Indiana’ Groans

In one week, we critics will know for sure. The time frame is ten days for the rest of the moviegoing rabble. Barring any cosmic

The Great Debaters (2007)

Film fans look to DVD for one thing mostly, and that’s contextual clarity. We want to understand the artistic decisions made, to get close

Friday Film Focus - 09 May, 2008

SUMMER’S HERE!!! and for the weekend beginning 9 May, here are the films in focus:Speed Racer [rating: 10]Forget all the curmudgeonly criticism that argues

‘Surfwise’ Shines on its Unusual Subject

When it hit in the late ‘50s/early ‘60s, surfing symbolized youth and vibrancy, extreme sporting reduced to sun, fun, and lots of bikini clad

Overplotted ‘Redbelt’ is Pure Mamet

David Mamet - a name that means theater at its very best. With such plays as Sexual Perversity in Chicago, American Buffalo, and Glengarry Glen

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'The Chamber' Keeps the Drama and Suspense Going

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"The Chamber is the filmic equivalent of a fairground ride, the stimulation of emotion over ideas.

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