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October 2007

Friday Film Focus - 26 October 2007

For the weekend of 26 October, here are the films in focus: Lust, Caution [rating: 8] While some will feel his previous works better illustrate his gift

Eccentric Character Piece a ‘Real’ Charmer

LARS AND THE REAL GIRL (dir. Craig Gillespie) Though we like to think of ourselves as enlightened and progressive, there is still a part of

‘Limited’ Scope Helps Anderson Sell His Satiric Spirital Quest

THE DARJEELING LIMITED (dir. Wes Anderson) Wes Anderson makes cinematic novels—episodic, heavily reliant on subplot and subtext, and filled with quirky characters that seem

Lee’s ‘Lust’ More than Mere Skin and Spies

LUST, CAUTION (dir. Ang Lee) Ang Lee has had an amazing career behind the camera. Seemingly unphased by sudden shifts in subject matter, he’s

10 Outsider Genre Gems

Okay – so you’ve read the rules to making successful independent horror. You’ve learned the revisionist ropes and no budget parameters. Still, as a

The World of Wicked Pixel

With the arrival of DVD and its accompanying technology, a whole new underground filmmaking scene was created. Supported by conventions and Internetworking, fans looking for

Deadwood Park

Movies made outside the mainstream still suffer from the same cinematic stumbling blocks that regularly bring down their Tinsel Town counterparts. Independence doesn’t always

Dog Bite Dog

When it comes to mixing genres, it’s usually recommended to be obvious. An action comedy or a horror romance typically works best when audiences

Alterna-Terror: How to Become a Homemade Horror Director in 10 Easy Steps

So, you want to be a filmmaker - and not just any kind of cinematic savant, but a semi-genuine, wholly independent, self-styled artist who reinvents

Buried Alive - Unrated

It’s been said that horror is cyclical, a looping genre tied to the current times and/or reigning cultural atmosphere. When politics are liberalized,

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Ubisoft Understands the Art of the Climb

// Moving Pixels

"Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed and Grow Home epitomize the art of the climb.

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