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September 2014

‘Strange Lady in Town’ Stresses the Importance of Women’s Points of View

The movie's real point is its message about strong women, which makes it a surprisingly undated bit of relaxation that stresses female points of view.

‘Mack Sennett Collection’ and ‘Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies’ Are Documents of Comedy Landmarks

These two box sets offer up key historical examples of the pratfall as high art.

‘The Boxtrolls’ Goes for the Dark and Dour and Ends Up Dismal

Ben Kingsley's dreadful Archibald Snatcher is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's Child Catcher merged with a John Tenniel fever dream.

‘The Big Gundown’ Has a Cat-and-Mouse Rhythm of Chasing and Escaping

For fans of spaghetti westerns, The Big Gundown is a must-see crowd pleaser.

The 10 Best Stop-Motion Animated Films

For most of us in the West, it was television and the work of Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass that made stop-motion animation an aesthetic given.

‘Tusk’ is Really Savage Like, Really Weird, and Really Good

Instead of playing with the anticipated and the preconceived, Kevin Smith takes a intriguing premise and circumvents our expectations.

‘The Maze Runner’ Gets YA (Partially) Right

The Maze Runner reminds us that an interesting idea, told well, can trump any number of artistic or aesthetic issues.

Siblings… Sadness… Suicide… ‘The Skeleton Twins’

This is one of the best films about the lingering effects of dysfunction that's been made.

‘7 Hours of Gunfire’ Attempts to Bring the Legends of the Wild West to the Spaghetti Western Genre

Since childhood, I have been attached to those legendary figures of the Wild West listed in the synopsis of 7 Hours of Gunfire.

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Bad Graphics Are Still Impressive in ‘Spirits of Xanadu’

// Moving Pixels

"Spirits of Xanadu wrings emotion and style out of its low fidelity graphics.

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