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April 2013

The 10 Best Non-Movie Moments in MST3K History

With another DVD box set release, it's time to countdown out Top 10 Non-Theater Moments in Mystery Science Theater 3000's history...

What’s So Funny? The Mis-Remembering of ‘The Evil Dead’

So you don't like the new Evil Dead remake because it's not funny enough? Really? What Evil Dead are you thinking about?

Horror…or Hooey? ‘6 Souls’

(T)here is a nice sense of dread here, a level of suspense that slowly dissipates as the movie meanders toward the exhausting end of its one hour and forty five minute run time.

Happily Ever Afterthought: ‘Thale’ (2012)

When it tries to do something different and dangerous, Thale succeeds. When it goes for the heart, or the hero moment, it winds up being more miss than hit.

A Thousand Frames: ‘Zayiat’

There's a sort of hypnotics at work in Deniz Tortum's Zayiat that hints at the core idea of the story while still keeping that essential kernel of je ne sais quoi intact.

Requiem for Roger Ebert: 1942-2013

Roger Ebert's death is very complicated for me. There's as much sadness as there is misplaced anger.

Don’t Open That Door! #37: ‘Two Lost Worlds’ (1951)

Welcome to our weekly field guide to 1950s horror and sci-fi movies and the creatures that inhabit them. This week: we sail clear off the edge of the map in Two Lost Worlds.

“Overrated” vs. “Misunderstood”

Can something considered a masterpiece be overrated, or is such a reaction merely the height of crass critical insularity?

The 10 Best Last Act Shoot Outs in Modern Movie History

It's time for guns, guts, and gore as we discuss our favorite examples of violence solving the cinematic problems of the players involved in these classic films.

Sloppy Sci-Fi and Premature Product Placement… That’s ‘The Host’

If ever a film was manufactured by committee, it is The Host.

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