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October 2013

‘The Verdict’ (1954)

Greenstreet and Lorre go Victorian

Cruel and Unusual…and Good: ‘Maniac’ (Blu-ray)

It's this sense of hope, no matter how inaccurate or wrong-minded, that makes this Maniac different. Add in the artistic approaches and you have something that's worthy of approval, not uproar.

‘12 Years a Slave’ is a Masterpiece

About the closest anyone has come to this is level of confrontation is Steven Spielberg with Schindler's List, or even better, Spike Lee with his incendiary Bamboozled.

Don’t Open That Door! #58: ‘It Came From Outer Space’ (1953)

Welcome to our ongoing field guide to 1950s horror and sci-fi movies and the creatures that inhabit them. This week: mysterious goings-on in the desert can only mean one thing in It Came From Outer Space.

Selling the (Nightmare) Dream: ‘Escape from Tomorrow’

It's...a fine film with many moments of jaw-dropping mischievousness, but it also struggles to live outside its anti-Disney designs.

The Top 10 Horror Remakes of All Time

The horror genre has produced some remake junk. In the case of these ten treats, the update delivers something definitive.

‘Wife Wanted’ (1946)

Reasonable facsimile accepted.

‘CBGB’ is Punk Junk

These are icons, not accessories in some Hot Topic cover version of "Teenage Lobotomy."

Welcome to Your Nerdgasm: ‘Machete Kills’

The moment we see Mel Gibson in his element, full of beans and blasting away at Kyle Ward's crazed dialogue, Machete Kills becomes the certified guilty pleasure it's spent the last 45 minutes trying to be.

Tom Hanks for the (Much Needed) Save in ‘Captain Phillips’

Captain Phillips is so insular, so locked in the littleness of its narrative, that it never achieves the kind of heartbreak epiphany of the filmmaker's other fact based effort.

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Marina and the Diamonds Wrap Up U.S. Tour at Terminal 5 (Photos)

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"Marina's star shines bright and her iridescent pop shines brighter. Froot is her most solid album yet. Her tour continues into the new year throughout Europe.

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