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February 2014

‘Hairbrained’ Has Its Quirk in the Right Place

(T)here is something sweet and satisfying about this underdog dramedy, especially when it's brains, not brawn or beauty that ultimately wins the day.

Jesus Wept: ‘Son of God’

On TV, this tired old material might work. On the big screen, it's dwarfed by its own insignificance.

If I Had a Ballot: My Picks for the 2014 Academy Awards

I don't get to vote for them, but here are my choices for the Best of 2013 circa the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The 2014 SEALs - Short Ends and Leader’s Annual Film Awards

As the final word on Awards Season 2013, here is SE&L'S selections for the best (and not Oscar Nominated) films and filmmakers of the past year.

A Not So “Fantastic” Four?

The announced casting of the new Fantastic Four reboot has Messageboard nation in a tizzy. So what else is new?

‘3 Days to Kill’ is Okay if You Have 100 Minutes to Lose

Kevin Costner may be on some kind of career comeback, but 3 Days to Kill won't bring him to where he once was before. It's acceptable, if unexceptional entertainment.

Ten Stupid Things We Learn in ‘Winter’s Tale’

Akiva Goldman's directorial debut is a load of laugh out loud hogwash. Here are ten reasons (among many) as to why it's so ridiculous.

‘Nightmare Honeymoon’ (1973)

Lavish presentation of hackwork.

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Indie Horror Month 2016: Diving into 'Reveal the Deep'

// Moving Pixels

"In Reveal the Deep, the light only makes you more aware of the darkness

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