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July 2013

Hammer’s Schizophrenic ‘70s: ‘Hands of the Ripper’

Today's audience might balk at something as basic as Hands of the Ripper. The seasoned fright fan will find much more here to be happy about.

Girl Power

Actresses in films often do better -- artistically and usually commercially -- when partnered with other women instead of paired up with any number of leading men, regardless of their supposed box office draw or potential romantic chemistry.

The 10 Film Franchises That Are Way Past Their Prime

It's time to pull the plug on these 10 film franchises before they, Heaven help us, spawn more sequels. Too late!

An Open Letter to Warner Bros. on Their Proposed Batman/Superman Movie

This idea is the product of kneejerk brainstorming, not actual rational thought.

‘The Mask of Dimitrios’ (1944)

Chasing the shadows of noir.

‘Only God Forgives’, Not this Fascinating Film’s Director

Refn seems to take his title seriously. Not even he will let the audience off the hook by dumbing down the more disturbing aspects of his movie.

It’s No ‘Descendants’: ‘The Way, Way Back’

The result is a baffling bifurcated experience that's never really satisfying, no matter the side your sentiments fall on.

Don’t Open That Door! #50: ‘The Wild Women of Wongo’ (1959)

Welcome to our weekly field guide to 1950s horror and sci-fi movies and the creatures that inhabit them. This week: gender equality takes a hit (along with much else) in The Wild Women of Wongo.

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Country Fried Rock: Great Peacock Interview

// Sound Affects

"Great Peacock's Southern indie anthems make the headliners for whom they open nervous. When the warm-up act has the crowd singing along, you know this emerging band will fly far.

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