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Thursday, Jul 11, 2013
Despite many of the network’s and producer’s best—or worst—efforts, some critics and scads of viewers can't help admit how winning and emotionally functional this particularly notorious reality TV family actually comes across.

Now that the initial shock of TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has largely subsided, we can take the time and reflect on this particular portion of popular culture and its surprisingly deeper ramifications.

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Monday, Jul 8, 2013
We all have a share in the blame when notorious washed-up reality "stars" turn to support themselves with more, um... adult-oriented career opportunities.

Having anything close to sympathy for either Nadya “Octomom” Suleman or Teen Mom-turned-porn star Farrah Abraham these days is sort of like having sympathy for the devil.  Actually, I think it would be more popular to stick up for Beelzebub than either of these two just mentioned current favorite media whipping posts.

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Tuesday, Jun 18, 2013
The arbitrarily inexact, and often overly coddling, science of judging on competitive reality show undercuts the very premise the competition itself, leaving competitors and audiences scratching their heads.

As recently pointed out by Andy Dehnart on his excellent reality TV blog,, the undoing of ABC’s recent reality diving show Splash was not the hokiness of its premise; nor the dimness of its celebrity wattage; nor even the egregiously unflattering bathing suits worn by the women.  No, it was the wildly inconsistent scoring of its panel of two judges.

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Wednesday, Jun 5, 2013
Rather than moving away from "lookism", we seem to be embracing it. Even in the most unlikely areas.

Flipping the channels between network, local and cable news of late can be a confusing undertaking these days. Not just because so much propaganda is being passed off as news and not just because so much “news” is really just so much filler. No, it’s all flawless skin, perfect hair and ultra-platinum teeth of all the anchors and reporters that now report the daily headlines. Assaulted with such physical perfection—men and women—it’s hard to know if you’re actually watching the news or some new fangled thing on the always looks-conscious Bravo.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013
by Robert D. Schultz
What was always subversive and exciting about Arrested Development was its ability to be so offbeat, so irreverent, and so clever within the confines of a 22-minute block of network TV.

It has taken a few days, but I have now entered into the acceptance phase of my grief over the fourth season of Arrested Development. There is so much wrong with the new straight-to-Netflix 15 episodes that it’s hard to remember how this seemed like such a good idea only a week ago (and for years prior). In the run up to the all-at-once release of the episodes on May 26 at 3.00am EST, there was much debate about how to watch the episodes. Should viewers watch them in order, out of order, all at once, one a time with some breaks in the middle, etc.? I presently find myself asking a different question: should these episodes even be viewed them at all? The existential question as to whether this season should have ever been attempted is important, but first let’s gets to why the new season is such a disaster.

For one, the feel of the show is completely different from its former self. Jason Bateman’s Michael Bluth was always the lead in the first three seasons and for good reason. He was the dependable good guy who, despite his justified inclination to leave his selfish family behind, always subverted his own happiness for the good of the comically self-absorbed people he felt obligated to protect. Michael tied the bizarre strands of the show together and provided the audience a reliable source through which to experience the funny, but awful things that the people he loved did to each other and to him.

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