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Thursday, Oct 3, 2013
ABC is adding some new comedies to its sitcom line-up, the CW is hoping for another superpowered teen drama smash, and NBC tries to get hip.

The new TV season is almost upon us: be prepared.

If you’re the type of network TV watcher who just can’t bear sitting through those annoying preview specials, or doesn’t feel like searching all over YouTube, you’re going to love this article. With our descriptions, premiere dates, ratings predictions, suggestions, and video previews, you can quickly learn everything you need to know about the new fall TV season.

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Wednesday, Apr 3, 2013
Writer-director Jane Campion brings her passion for moral complexity to the small screen with Top of the Lake, Sundance Channel's newest original series.

We meet Tui Mitcham (Jaqueline Joe) very briefly in the first episode of Top of the Lake when we learn that she is pregnant, 12 years old and tough as nails. She disappears shortly thereafter, leaving few clues as to where she’s gone or who the father of her as-yet unborn child is. It’s a moody premise made darker by its remote New Zealand setting and the striking cast of characters who make up her family, friends and her town’s residents. At the center of the new Sundance Channel show is Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss), an ambitious young detective who has returned to her New Zealand hometown to lead the search for Tui.

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Monday, Apr 1, 2013
ABC's new campaign to "Save Happy Endings" is a bold and contemptuous new parlay in the ongoing war between networks and audiences.

So riddle me this, fellow TV lovers. Big bad major network unceremoniously yanks your favorite comedy from the air halfway through its current season for a two month hiatus—this after spending two and half seasons basically setting it up for failure, juggling it around various nights and timeslots. Then it murders its companion show, as if to taunt it with the fate that’s in store for it all too soon. And then it condemns it, upon its imminent return, to the purgatorial death slot of Friday night, where it will serve out its remaining sentence burning off episodes two at a time, with no hope at redemption. Seems like the end for you poor, underwatched (but over-funny!) Happy Endings, right?

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Thursday, Mar 21, 2013
The future is already around us and that means facing up to its horrors as much as its delights.

Finally, we’re living in the future. What on Earth is it doing to us?

At their recent sold-out shows at the Tate Modern in London, Kraftwerk revisited its eight studio albums in neat, chronological order. At first glance, it’s rather jarring to think of such forward-looking sounds having earned a retrospective. But then they were never really about the future, anyway. With songs like Autobahn, Pocket Calculator and Trans-Europe Express, it’s clear that Kraftwerk was actually interested in the technology that already surrounded them.

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Friday, Jan 25, 2013
Why you – and ABC – should trust The B---- in Apt. 23.

Trying to explain the abysmal ratings of ABC’s agreeably daft and eccentric comedy Don’t Trust the B——in Apt. 23, perhaps it’s a case of audiences taking the advice built directly into the name of the show too literally. And the name is a problem, if only because it seems to want to keep the viewer continually at arm’s length, deflecting rather than inviting with its initial “Don’t” followed by a sing-songy jumble that skirts the line between clever and obnoxious, and goes on just a bit too long besides.  It’s like it’s knowingly overcompensating for being so coy by being a mouthful, trying to be both risqué and cute, never quite succeeding either way.

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