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by Jason Gross

25 Oct 2005

The Village Voice is not only the publication that got me interested in politics but also music journalism- I’ve been reading it since about 1982.  I have them to thank for getting me into freelance writing (like this).  I write for them regularly.  Thanks to my association with them, I’ve heard and seen a lot of great music.  I also have good friends that work there and have been there for a while.  All of which makes me very interested and concerned about their takeover by New Times Media.

by Jason Gross

24 Oct 2005

It’s sort of a oft-repeated mantra that the whole idea of A&R, artist development has been pretty much croaked out of the major label mindset in the last 10-20 years.  How true is this though?

by Jason Gross

19 Oct 2005

Most poignant thing I’ve seen on a list recently:  Skip Heller’s comments posted on the Zorn mailing list:

‘I gotta quote my local supermarket checkout lady.  I was through the grocery store to buy some shampoo and there was no express line, so I was incarcerated in front of a bunch of magazines had Jennifer Aniston and so forth on the front.  She looked at me and said, “My son’s about to be deployed to Iraq, and this magazine tells me I should worry that Jennifer Aniston’s wedding got cancelled? You ever wonder if Americans are worried about all the wrong stuff?”’

by Jason Gross

18 Oct 2005

“Apple Computer today introduced the first Video IPod, expected to be popular among porn fans with excellent eyesight”- from the Borowitz Report

This is a ring of truth to that though as the I-Pod morphed yet again: Apple’s Jobs Unveils Video iPod.  Of course, millions of Gen XYZ’ers are gonna be scamming for these for the holidays, regardless of how much more mileage they can get out of these hip little white devices as opposed to other MP3 players or even earlier versions of the Pod.  See, it’s the HOTTEST version of the Pod with the NEWEST features.  For many buyers, any kind of tweak is gonna get them salivating for the thing.

by Jason Gross

15 Oct 2005

While Bono is perfectly willing to rub shoulders with world leaders to push his favorite causes, he now says that he draws the line with being used by them in particular ways: U2 moves to distance itself from politicians.

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Stevie Wonder Takes a Knee as Green Day and Others Also Speak Out at Global Citizen Festival

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"The 2017 Global Citizen Festival's message for social action was amplified by Stevie Wonder and many other incredible performers and notable guests.

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