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by Jason Gross

10 Oct 2005

One lesson that I always try to pound into writers’ heads is that you shouldn’t do an article that tries to be all-inclusive about a topic that you could only cover adequately in a book.  I’m going to break that rule here but also suggest that I can’t give the final word on the topic and this is mostly meant to initiate some discussion about the topic (like most editorials or blog posts).

by Jason Gross

6 Oct 2005

Sure those are fightin’ words but the truth hurts.  How else are you going to describe a policy where you hunt for victims regardless if they’re ‘guilty’ or not of whatever vendetta you’re on.  Sounds kind of like the policy of suicide bombers who go about their dirty missions to get their point across, doesn’t it?

by Jason Gross

5 Oct 2005

OK, my first reaction was to laugh at this: Its Only Rock Քn Roll Քn Marketing.  Yes, the former bad boys of rock will be appearing on the soap opera Days of Our Lives.  You can already hear the keyboards clacking away about how this again signals the death and insignificance of rock.  And don’t forget that McCartney is now shilling for Fidelity Investments and who can forget Dylan doing that Victoria’s Secret ad.

by Jason Gross

4 Oct 2005

Figuring that their Republican buddies still owe them something for all of their support, radio monopoly Clear Channel is making another push to get even bigger: Clear Channel renews bid to ease ownership limits.

by Jason Gross

3 Oct 2005

Just in case you needed a highly biased story that laps up the music industry’s fluff about what a bunch of miscreants and convicts that downloaders are, you’re in luck: What’s with them young whippersnappers?

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