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Who is Justin Jordan? Comic Vine can tell you. But you won’t need Comic Vine, you’ll discover him as the mind behind his creator-owned property the Luther Strode books, and more recently on writing detail for Deathstroke and Green Lantern: New Guardians, and of course, on the pages of Team 7. Justin is a good writer, but he is a young writer. And not yet having had a long career, is one of the crucial challenges for a book like Team 7.


The power in the opening sequence of Batman and Robin: Pearl, is the latent power of comics—the reliance of the medium on the reader to animate disparate images as a logical, coherent flow of information.

by PopMatters Staff

30 May 2013


After half of the Riverdale gang swapped places with the New Directions kids, Archie must get everyone home and fast. Their worlds are about to collide literally and time is running out. Will Archie meet his counterpart Finn Hudson in the dreamscape in time to stop the collision? Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to Archie Meets Glee, the hit FOX TV series.


Strike a blow! What Sam Houston knew, Muhammad Ali knew. And it’s that same strange mix of insight and endurance, of arrogance and urgency that presents itself in rededication of Lucifer.


I hate Seneca. I hate Seneca and I still do, even to this day. And you would too if you’d known him before It happened to him, and if you had to watch what It Happening had done to him. And, please believe me Dear Reader, it has absolutely nothing to do with him saying “Everything that has a beginning, also has an end…”. That, was pure Nero, a consequence of what Seneca had become after Nero got his hooks into Seneca. But Nero wasn’t the It. Nero was what the It opened a door for.

There’s a certain kind of betrayal that comes with friendship. It conspires around how much you’re willing to see the other person change. Were Seneca’s intimates savaged by his sudden wrestling with and “conversion” to Stoicism? And yet it’s Seneca himself who reminds us that no matter what amount of personal evolution there happens to be, it always comes capped by an end we cannot escape.

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"Island of Lemurs: Madagascar" Is Cute but Spooky

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"This flick is a superficial but eye-popping survey for armchair nature tourists.

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