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by PopMatters Staff

6 Oct 2015

It’s hard  not to get down with this, which seems to exist in some liminal zone between the street and the astral plane.

Timothy Gabriele: Here’s what I was hoping for back when cloud rap first exploded into the collective consciousness. Less slapdash, more professional, but still taking serious a bit of that old woozy wobbly. Better late than never I guess. Is this actually prog hop though? There’s that changeup in the middle, coupled with the fact that their album is called Evermore: The Art of Duality, which would elicit loud shouts of “waaaanker” were it a bunch of white dudes who were classically trained and had at least one member with a pony tail. Still, it’s hard not to get down with this, which seems to exist in some liminal zone between the street and the astral plane. We’re not going to overlook this line “I’m coming for the globe like I’m Adolph”, though, right? [7/10]

by Adrien Begrand

6 Oct 2015

Expect to hear  this sunny tune at summer festivals in 2016.

Billing themselves as “moonlit folk rock”, Los Angeles trio Distant Cousins are poised to leap on to the folk rock bandwagon currently occupied by the likes of Of Monsters and Men and Edward Sharpe. Typically breezy, catchy, and unapologetically cute, the band’s new track “Taste of Tomorrow”, is an immediate highlight of their new EP, which comes out on 15 October (pre-order it here). It’s folk rock built for festival crowds, singing about the sunshine, boasting a snappy funk rhythm section, and sing-along vocals made for crowds of tens of thousands. Beware, this sucker’s going to be in your head all day.

by Adrien Begrand

6 Oct 2015

The adventurous UK  band is back with a new lineup, a new record label, and a stunning new track.

Creators of one of the most unique hybrids in heavy music over the past dozen years, UK band Crippled Black Phoenix have artfully balanced progressive rock, doom metal, post-rock, ambient music, and Victorian influences in a way that defies categorization. However, in the wake of their 2014 album White Light Generator, founding member Justin Greaves became embroiled in a public feud with former guitarist Karl Demata over legal ownership of the band name.

by Adrien Begrand

5 Oct 2015

Brute force, progressive  rock experimentation, and slick production highlight the latest EP by the Canadian duo.

The Montreal duo of Karl Raymond and Alex Racine have been churning out heavy rock for the past decade as October Sky, slowly building a reputation as a promising young live act. Their latest EP Rise, which comes out on 9 October, continues that ascent. Combining the force of similar UK duo Royal Blood with the progressive tendencies of Muse, the new tunes are sleek and visceral, and well worth hearing. Which, as it so happens, you can do below.

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