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by Imran Khan

28 Jul 2015

Andy Kayes' latest  album of mercurial hip-hop finds the rapper putting the boom back in boom bap, one beat at a time.

If there was ever a genre called “blue devils hip-hop”, Andy Kayes may just be its choice practitioner. His blustering, electronica-squelched hip-hop is heavily saturated with moods so blue, his music grows heavier with every play. The France-based Englishman has been working the underground scenes of Lyon for some years now, splitting his time between open mics and recording studios whilst hooking up with some of the genre’s most respected names.

by Adrien Begrand

28 Jul 2015

The multinational band  serve up a lively performance of a traditional New Orleans tune.

Featuring musicians from New Orleans, Brooklyn, and Brazil, Nation Beat fuses New Orleans funk and maracatu drumming to create a sound that bursts with life. For their newest EP they’ve teamed up with Indian/funk group Cha Wa to create Carnival Caravan, a thunderous collection of tunes that waste no time in brightening your mood. of the lot, the call-and-response fun of “Liza Jane” is an immediate standout, and you can stream the track below.

by Adrien Begrand

28 Jul 2015

The new track  by the Georgia band further refines their hybrid of heavy music and psychedelic rock.

14 years and six albums into their career, Kylesa keep on evolving. Starting out as crust punk, morphing into more of a sludge metal sound, and finally expanding into a psychedelic heavy rock sound they can truly call their own, the Savannah, Georgia band have come into their own ever since the release of the revelatory Static Tensions album in 2009.

by Michael Barrett

27 Jul 2015

This film feels  like a template for subsequent multi-character airplane-disaster and crash projects, all the way down to Lost.

This unusual suspenser brought together several talents at budget-conscious RKO to become a surprise hit of 1939. It’s now available on demand from Warner Archive.

Five Came Back  might be one of the original “high concept” movies, since the whole idea is spelled out in the title. Twelve diverse people, conceived as quickly sketched types, are in a small airplane that gets blown way off course and crashes in a lush jungle en route from Los Angeles to Panama City. Search planes fail to find them, and they must spend weeks repairing the plane and forming a community.

by PopMatters Staff

27 Jul 2015

Today, the Prodigy  share the rapid-fire, video game influenced track "AWOL (Strike One)".

The song will appear on the Prodigy’s The Night Is My Friend EP releasing the Friday via Take Me to the Hospital/ Cooking Vinyl. The electronic group, which veers closer and closer to industrial metal with every release, will be appearing at three Riot Fest tour dates in Chicago, Denver and Toronto in August and September.

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Speak of the Blue Devil: The Moody Grooves of Andy Kayes

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"Andy Kayes' latest album of mercurial hip-hop finds the rapper putting the boom back in boom bap, one beat at a time.

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