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by Maria Schurr

28 Apr 2017

British-born, Berlin-based artist  Mark Fernyhough shares his anthemic new single “Steal My Love” and talks with PopMatters about his creative work.
Mark Fernyhough photographed exclusively for PopMatters by
Heike Schneider-Matzigkeit

Those with an interest in particularly dorky pop cultural titles may be aware that the time of predicting 2017’s “Summer Anthem” is fast approaching. British-born, Berlin-based artist Mark Fernyhough’s new single “Steal My Love” is by no means the sort of song one would normally see in the running, nor is it marketed as such. Yet it feels more in line with the true feelings of summer than whatever lowest common denominator radio fodder will inevitably be awarded the ubiquitous summer anthem title. “Steal My Love” is certainly anthemic in the British pop sense, with big, hooky verses and even bigger, hookier, more blinding choruses, but it’s also beguilingly wistful, a sumptuously warm and sunny day belying a doomed summer romance. Luckily, “Steal My Love”’s hooks are gripping enough to outlive any direct pigeonholing, seasonal or otherwise.

by Sarah Zupko

28 Apr 2017

Imagine a group  of sullen kids dressed in black discovering Pet Sounds and you've got the general idea.

Chris Ingalls: Brooklyn’s Drums have cited the Beach Boys and Joy Division among their influences, and this kind of eclecticism is obvious in their music. “Blood Under My Belt” manages to combine sweet harmonies and pop hooks with a sense of pseudo-goth poses that update the sound nicely. It’s refreshing to hear a band that embraces retro influences from a variety of different sources and eras. Imagine a group of sullen kids dressed in black discovering Pet Sounds, and you’ve got the general idea. [7/10]

by Jordan Blum

28 Apr 2017

Both the music  and visuals of “Fields and Pier” show just how haunting and lovely indie folk music can be.

As a member of Grammy Award-winning a cappella quintet Pentatonix—among other outlets—Avi Kaplan has long since established himself as a remarkable vocalist, musician, and arranger. It’s not too surprising, then, that he’s recently branched out into his own project, Avriel & the Sequoias, whose debut EP, Sage and Stone, will arrive on June 9th. To help tide over fans until then, he’s just put out the first video from the release, “Fields and Pier”, which does an excellent job of setting the stage for the whole sequence. Rustic and grave, it’s a gorgeously somber and symphonic slice of introspective chamber/indie folk that’s sure to stay with you.

by Nick Dinicola

27 Apr 2017

This is an  interactive story in which players don’t craft the characters, we just control them.

It’s been a while since I’ve played a Telltale game. I’ve always enjoyed the developer’s output, everything from Sam and Max to The Wolf Among Us, but I’ve fallen behind on their more recent series like Minecraft: Story Mode, Game of Thrones, and Batman. Thankfully, I’ve finally gotten back on the Telltale horse again with Tales from the Borderlands and it feels… weird.

by Sarah Zupko

27 Apr 2017

Blackie and the  Rodeo Kings pen a stunning song about a young mother and release the affecting new video.

Canada’s Blackie and the Rodeo Kings released their latest alternative country/Americana album Kings and Kings earlier this year and it features the band pairing up with their favorite male vocalists, including Fantastic Negrito, Buddy Miller, Keb Mo, Vince Gill, Rodney Crowell, Eric Church, and Raul Malo. This LP is a companion of sorts to their 2011 effort Kings and Queens that featured the group working with their favorite females vocalists.

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Players Lose Control in ‘Tales from the Borderlands’

// Moving Pixels

"This is an interactive story in which players don’t craft the characters, we just control them.

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