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by Adrien Begrand

1 Dec 2015

The New York  band might have little to do with Henry Miller the writer, but their music does hold up exceptionally well.

They might not sing about epiphanies and bohemian sex in Paris in the 1930s, but New York band the Henry Millers do specialize in some rather charming art rock/indie pop that doesn’t stray far from what the Arcade Fire do. It’s all there in their delightful new track “Ready”.

by Adrien Begrand

30 Nov 2015

The veteran songwriter  returns with a new solo album and a brand new track to hear.

Austin-based singer-songwriter Bill Carter has a long history as a composer in the music industry, having penned popular songs by the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Double Trouble, John Mayall, and Robert Palmer.

by Adrien Begrand

30 Nov 2015

The singer-songwriter releases  a video for her Chance the Rapper-approved new single.
Photo by
Kristen Mendiola

After releasing her latest EP X Number of Days, singer-songwriter Deanna Devore caught the attention of Chance the Rapper, who took it upon himself to promote the track “I Tried” simply because he enjoyed it so much. Devore, who divides her time between Chicago and Toronto and is currently recording her third album, has put together a great-looking new video for that very track with director Justin Casselle.

by Adrien Begrand

30 Nov 2015

The singer-songwriter offers  her own distinct take on the classic Christmas pop song.

Months after releasing her latest EP The Band, singer-songwriter Rachel Brown has recorded her own version of the sultry Christmas pop classic “Santa Baby”, complete with a charming video that she also conceived and directed.

by Cynthia Fuchs

25 Nov 2015

Three years ago, Jordan Davis was shot and killed at a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida. He was 17 years old.

The man who shot him complained that Jordan and his friends played their music too loudly. When he pulled out his weapon to shoot at the boys’ car, the killer claimed self-defense, saying he saw a shotgun. No weapons were found in the car.

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