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by Danilo Bortoli

31 Aug 2015

In the video  for "Be Fair", Computer Magic's Danielle Johnson meanders through alien territory traveling space and time.

Having only released music under her Computer Magic moniker in France and Japan, “Be Fair” is Danielle “Danz” Johnson’s first song off her US debut album Davos.

by Adrien Begrand

31 Aug 2015

A simple portrait  of family life captures the soul of Duquette Johnston's track beautifully.

Two years have passed since former Verbena member Duquette Johnston put out his PopMatters-approved album Rabbit Runs a Destiny, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing a new video for the track “It Was You”. And for good reason too. As he explains, the song has deep meaning, and he and filmmaker Dillon Hayes had a great idea to convey that personal theme in a different medium.

by Michael Barrett

31 Aug 2015

Two wide and  handsome Italian thrillers of the 1970s.

Now on Blu-ray are gorgeous HD transfers of two 1970s Italian genre films from director Umberto Lenzi. He made Gang War in Milan and Spasmo one after the other, but in a logical world he’d have made them in reverse order, for Spasmo  is the last of his string of early ‘70s giallos while Gang War  is the first of ten gangster/cop thrillers he’d make before the end of the decade.

Gang War in Milan  focuses on Salvatore Cangemi (Antonio Sab├áto), a handsome, high-living pimp from Sicily who, while supposedly running a wholesale produce business, markets a different kind of flesh entirely. He’s suddenly muscled in on by a dapper Frenchman (Philippe Leroy) who wants to partner with the whores to distribute heroin. The gang war is on, with the prostitutes’ bodies as the battlefield. The police are a virtual non-factor as the story’s parable of unrestrained capitalism winds toward cynical if credible “tragedy” about the replaceability of bosses and the transactional nature of love and sex.

by Adrien Begrand

31 Aug 2015

The young singer-songwriter  ditches her child actor past for a very promising musical career.

Although she got her showbiz start on such tween sitcoms as Victorious (with Ariana Grande) and Dog With a Blog, Dara Sisterhen has smartly sidestepped that machine that eats child stars alive. A prolific singer-songwriter bridging indie pop and mainstream country—you can hear a little Kacey Musgraves in her music—the youngster recently released her charming new EP Boom, and has just put out a cute new video for the track “Kids” that brings a little B-movie fun into the mix.

by Paul Duffus

31 Aug 2015

"That's Entertainment", the  seventh track of Silkworm's seventh album, features a devilish Lothario and guitar solos straight from heaven.

Photo courtesy of Jim Newberry.

Lifestyle began with the song “Contempt”, a song of easy beauty from Andy Cohen or, given the lyrics of the track, should that be the easy beauty of Andy/Brigitte Cohen?  The opening of the second half of Lifestyle is a mirror of the first in some senses. “That’s Entertainment”, the subject of this week’s blog entry, is another languid classic from Andy. However if “Contempt” was a poignant, smouldering take on a broken relationship, then “That’s Entertainment” is an elegant firestorm. The two tracks are similarly paced but strike wildly different tones.

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The Eye of Lenzi: "Gang War in Milan" and "Spasmo"

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"Two wide and handsome Italian thrillers of the 1970s.

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