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by G. Christopher Williams

31 Aug 2015

Time travelling and  selfies are the central conceits of Life Is Strange.

This week we begin a series of five episodes about the episodic choice-driven point-and-click adventure game Life Is Strange.

By way of introduction, this week we’re talking about the first episode but focusing mainly on how the game’s mechanics work in contrast to other games in the genre, like Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and how the mechanics support the coming of age story that seems to be the game’s central focus.

by Adrien Begrand

28 Aug 2015

The Brooklyn trio  churn out some welcome powerpop for late summer.

Brooklyn trio Tuff Sunshine are set to release their new album Fire in the Hero Building on 31 October, and as a great little teaser they’ve just put out the catchy “Dreamin’”. With its sunny blend of rustic rock ‘n’ roll, powerpop hooks, and nicely timed Moog synth, there’s an undeniable resemblance to Wilco’s Summerteeth, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

by Adrien Begrand

28 Aug 2015

If you're going  to take inspiration from a contemporary singer-songwriter, you can't do much better than Natasha Khan.

Evanston, Illinois native and New York-based singer-songwriter Lexi Scherr excels at the kind of dynamic, bombastic, symphonic indie rock similar to Bat For Lashes and Florence & the Machine, and as you can here on her brand new single “Not the Kind” she’s well on her way to finding her own voice. In and out like a shot in two and a half minutes, it lulls you and jolts you, the chorus bursting with layers of sound.

by Adrien Begrand

28 Aug 2015

Too young to  remember early-'90s indie rock, this young musician sounds like she was there all along.

Nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter Kirsten Izer is the kind of young indie musician that Gen-Xers wish there were more of these days. The New Jersey native plays the kind of loud, distorted indie pop that was commonplace 20 years ago, where fuzzed-out guitars mesh impeccably with effervescent melodies.

by Adrien Begrand

28 Aug 2015

The young Canadian  singer-songwriter knows a thing or two about a rustic life.

Unlike 99 percent of Canadians, Jenny Ritter was actually raised in a log cabin, but she’s far from a Canadian cliché. Raised by artistic parents—one an opera singer, the other a ballerina—she’s gone on to pursue a career in the arts herself, namely as a folk singer-songwriter. Her new album raised By Wolves will be released on 4 September, and as you hear on the new track “Been So Kind”, she’s open to bringing in a little more of a rock influence as well, for some well-executed dynamics.

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