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by Erik Kersting

4 Aug 2015

Is Dark  Souls 2 as perfect as I once thought it was? Not quite.

Time has a way of changing one’s opinions. A year and a half ago I reviewed Dark Souls 2, and I gave it a perfect 10. A few months after the review, I played through the game again, and even more recently, I started yet another run. Exploring the game’s damp corridors, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Is this a perfect game?” Is it a good game? Positively. A great game? Probably. A perfect game? No.

I was undeniably hyped to play Dark Souls 2. Dark Souls is probably my favorite game, but in my excitement in playing Dark Souls 2, I too easily overlooked its flaws, which, once fully explored, reveal clearly how the lack of Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, lead to some small, but significant errors. These are errors that gnaw on the player and bring down the experience, especially upon replay.

by PopMatters Staff

3 Aug 2015

What is this ? A new single that rocks? Rare as unicorn teeth, but here it is.

What is this? A new single that rocks? Rare as unicorn teeth, but here it is. He throws everything in: Portentous guitars, impassioned backing vocals, super orchestral splashes thrown around for kicks. Essentially it’s a track about itself and music in general, the “healing” in the song being the healing of “The Healing”. The theme saves the day because lyrically “The Healing” is not that interesting. The only thing better than a song about itself is a song where the singer references himself in a “Move over, Rover / Let Jimi take over” type manoeuvre. Word of advice for young Gary, there can never be an excess of rock. No-one has ever earnestly complained, “This song rocks too much.” So feel free to cut loose. The end of the track could have benefited from just that.—PAUL DUFFUS (8/10)

by PopMatters Staff

3 Aug 2015

All Dogs' “Skin ” sounds like it’s beamed from the mid-'90s golden age of alternative rock.

Harmless mid-90s ‘alt rock’ balladeering. Picture Claire Danes staring forlornly out a window, twisting the ends of her plaid shirt between her fingers. Will Jared Leto ever see her? I mean, ‘really’ see her—for her? A tear rolls as “Skin” plays idly in the background. Except it’s 20 years later now and Claire is fighting terrorists and Jared is the Joker, so you might well ask if “Skin” is really what the world needs. Still, it jangles, it rises, it falls. Lyrically there’s a lot of talk about pain and crying and “not being satisfied”, the kind of thing that writes itself. Innocuous, unnecessary nostalgia.—PAUL DUFFUS (4/10)

by Sean Fennell

3 Aug 2015

When episode six  opens to find Elliot in terror and panic, it is soon confirmed that he should be.

“I, Elliot Alderson, am flight. I am fear, I am anxiety, terror, panic.”

Thus begins episode six of Mr. Robot, “Br4ve-Trave1er.asf”. Last week we saw Elliot in what turned out to be his most triumphant moment in the series so far. Having successfully infiltrated the “impenetrable” Steel Mountain, Elliot, still on a visible high from his caper, calls his girlfriend Shayla to, well, just talk. It is one of the first times in the series that we see Elliot both completely sober, and seemingly content. Even Shayla remarks that he sounds different and new to her.

by PopMatters Staff

3 Aug 2015

Los Angeles' Late  Night Friends eschew a sunny Cali vibe for a greyer, heavier, northern British aesthetic that recalls '90s shoegaze.

Ride fans listen up. L.A.‘s Late Night Friends have you covered with fresh, new, indie shoegaze heavily influenced by the cloud-laden skies of England and the swirling dance textures of modern British rock. is excited about the band, as is Daytrotter. Late Night Friends will be releasing their debut album produced by Steve Kille (Dead Meadow), What I Think I’m Not, this coming Friday, August 7th, and we’ve got the full premiere for you.  Meanwhile, the band tells us about how the record came about…

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Mr. Robot: Episode 6 -- "Br4ve-Trave1er.asf

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"When episode six opens to find Elliot in terror and panic, it is soon confirmed that he should be.

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