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by Michael Barrett

7 Oct 2015

Finally, a place  where new technology meets old cinema for today's silent film fans.

Let’s say you wanted to make a living by playing music for silent movies. In terms of employment prospects, that might put you somewhere between a lamplighter and the drummer on a Viking ship.
Or so you’d think. Ben Model has been making a living at it for several years, and between regular gigs at the Museum of Modern Art and the Library of Congress’ Packard Preservation Campus, plus traveling to various festivals, he averages 15 shows a month.

by PopMatters Staff

7 Oct 2015

For some reason  it's reassuring that horrifyingly expensive, indulgent videos are not just the preserve of the fancy young starlets.

Dustin Ragucos: The repeated “phenomenal” and that random bit of singing right after Randall Park asks whether Eminem knows how to drive the car make the song feel like it’s a parody of a tame track by the rapper. It’s a song from a soundtrack (Southpaw), yes, but there’s nothing very special about “Phenomenal”. Enjoy the video for all its novelty. That John Malkovich part already has a room in my heart. [5/10]

by Adrien Begrand

7 Oct 2015

McLaughlin turns on  the charm on this loveable new track.

Indiana singer-songwriter Jon McLaughlin is set to release his sixth album Like Us on 9 October. However, his pop music is so endearing it’s hard for some to wait that long, so he’s made available one more track to preview from the record to whet fans’ appetites. Cut from the same cloth as 1990s Ben Folds, the piano-driven “Don’t Mess With My Girl” combines wry humor with McLaughlin’s trademark charm and graceful hooks.

by Evan Sawdey

7 Oct 2015

To say that  L'Anarchiste is one of the best bands to emerge out of Salt Lake City makes for an awfully reductive statement, as their Sufjan-inspired brand of soulful folk-rock needs to be heard to be believed.

One of the largest misconceptions about Salt Lake City, UT is that it is entirely run by Mormons (trust me: once I moved out of state, the only question I was asked more than “Are you a Mormon?” was “What’s your name?”). Believe it or not, it’s about a 50/50 split in Utah’s capitol city, and most of the Mormons there are pretty well-adjusted and approachable. The further South you get in Utah, the more dominant Mormon culture becomes, but even back in Salt Lake City, one of the most interesting counter-culture music scenes has emerged, with alternative publications like Salt Lake Underground (a place I used to intern for) showing the fascinating and sometimes downright strange pieces of art that SLC’ers like the great Trent Call make on a daily basis, while hard rock groups like The Animals Know blast their own sun-burnt brand of heavy metal just as the stable of artists signed to local label Pseudo Recordings take conventional pop and rock structures and stretch them out to their very breaking points. Venues like the backwoods-alley Kilby Court and the ever-welcoming Urban Lounge bring like-minded folks together to celebrate the weird and wild that Utah has to offer.

by Sachyn Mital

7 Oct 2015

Ruby Amanfu possess  a beautiful, smokey voice that can elicit tears. Watch her video for "Shadow on the Wall" and catch her on tour.

In September, New Yorkers might have caught a glimpse of Nashville-based artist Ruby Amanfu during the Neil Fest event at Bowery Ballroom. Amanfu was one of many artists performing covers of Neil Young songs as part of a benefit for Sweet Relief. Covering Young’s “For the Turnstiles”, Amanfu proved more capable of adding her own style and voice to others’ songs, which is a great incentive to listen to her new album, Standing Still, as it features mostly other musician’s works, including Brandi Carlile’s “Shadow on the Wall” (for which there is a video you can watch below), Bob Dylan’s “Not Dark Yet” (the cover she did at Dylan Fest led to the creation of this album) and Kanye West’s “Street Lights”. In fact, out of the ten songs, only the deep “I Tried” is an original.

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"Finally, a place where new technology meets old cinema for today's silent film fans.

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