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by Sarah Zupko

21 Sep 2017

Lost Bayou Ramblers  keep Cajun traditions alive on their new video for "Allons a Lafayette" as well as a new album, Kalenda, releasing 29 September.

Photo: Zach Smith

Cajun music is alive and well in 2017 thanks to long-time artists like Beausoleil and Zachary Richard, but the scene is made richer by a host of younger musicians and bands bringing this unique Lousiana cultural form to all corners of the globe. Lost Bayou Ramblers is one of those important groups that can perform straight-up traditional Cajun music alongside newer approaches that up the intensity, tempo, and rock ‘n’ roll quotient in the songs and bring in other genre influences.

by Sarah Zupko

21 Sep 2017

Peripatetic musician Jean  Caffeine has worked in punk, rock, and alternative country during her fruitful career and now she shares a new video about the last Sex Pistols gig ever.

Austin’s Jean Caffeine had led an exciting musical life having played drums in the all-woman punk band the Urge back in the ‘70s and drumming for Pulsallama in the ‘80s in New York. Like many of the original punk rock musicians, she has worked in the alternative country arena as well, fronting Jean Caffeine’s All Nite Truckstop.

by Jedd Beaudoin

21 Sep 2017

Brooklyn outfit OxenFree  rages against the machine on their latest, tuneful single, “Machine”.

Photo: Diane Russo

OxenFree’s latest single, “Machine”, demonstrates the Brooklyn outfit’s ability to create music that deftly walks the line between tuneful and angry, channeling primitive angst but doing so with musical sophistication. Culled from the group’s Another Land EP, due out 13 October, the song’s dance between the primal and the evolved isn’t entirely accidental, as member Jeff Doyle points out.

by Jedd Beaudoin

21 Sep 2017

Portugal's Sinistro returns  with haunting new track and equally devastating video.

Photo: Ines Achando

Portugal’s Sinistro returns with its trademark austere, emotionally-charged brand of dark, atmospheric rock. “Pétalas”, culled from the outfit’s album, Sangue Cassia, slated for a North American release of 5 January 2018, spotlights Patricia Andrade’s unmistakable vocals, as she further distinguishes herself as a formidable presence. Her deeply emotional and highly resonant delivery will invariably draw comparisons to Portishead’s Beth Gibbons, but she also proves those comparisons will be short-lived. With this release, she shows that she is far more an innovator than follower.

by Jonathan Frahm

21 Sep 2017

A precocious trio  of blues-rock artists make their debut on Meet the Skullers.

In spite of his age, singer, guitarist, and harmonicist Jack Skuller fronts his namesake band the Skullers with all of the verve of a veteran who’s been at it for decades.

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