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by Adrien Begrand

31 Jul 2015

In 1975, with lawyers  in the studio and a financial empire crumbling, Black Sabbath fought back with their last classic album of the decade.

The original idea for the cover of Black Sabbath’s sixth album was a great one. The four members of the band were going to be dressed all in black suits, standing in front of full-length mirrors in a big, creepy corridor of an old castle with stained glass windows. According to drummer Bill Ward’s assistant Graham Wright, the image would be “reversed like a Magritte, so it was their image being sabotaged.” Something classy, foreboding, iconic. The cover photo that resulted was something completely, bizarrely, hilariously different.

When it comes to stories of drug-addled excess and lunacy, there is no shortage when it comes to Black Sabbath, from Geezer Butler being held back from leaping out a hotel window after someone spiked his drink with acid, to Tony Iommi standing in a recording studio naked banging his cross necklace on a guitar and putting it on Vol. 4 as the instrumental “F/X”. However, the Sabotage album cover story is a personal favorite.

by Sachyn Mital

30 Jul 2015

Guster's Summerstage performance  was a showcase of their infectious and poppy music from the last 24 years.

As a fan of Guster since the late ‘90s, I’ve got a special place in my heart for the band. Their album Lost and Gone Forever remains their standout for me even as I have found gems on newer albums, like this year’s Evermotion the group’s first for Nettwerk. So when I they came around New York to perform at Summerstage in Central Park, I figured it would be an enjoyable show. And, despite the heat, it was.

by PopMatters Staff

30 Jul 2015

"Restless" will appear  on New Order's upcoming Peter Hook-less album, Music Complete, releasing via Mute Records on September 25th.

No one pours new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the wine will burst the skins. “Restless” takes me back to Club Paradiso in Amsterdam, a church converted into a dance club. There is a reason why New Order never grow old or fade. Their sound has become archetypal of not only an era, but also of specific nighttime emotions. New Order has become synonymous with that eloquent longing that only comes at 3am after several glasses of champagne cognac and hours of dancing under the multicolored spotlights of a club. The world turns and we turn with it and in that dizzying waltz we grow reverent and speechless. “Restless” is the sound of sanctus bells calling the faithful to worship.—DYLAN FREMONT [8/10]

by Adrien Begrand

30 Jul 2015

The German power  trio emphasize "power" on this gargantuan rocker of a single.

Berlin trio Kadavar started off innocuously enough, first attracting attention from the stoner/retro-heavy rock crowd, but in 2013 their second album Abra Kadavar, followed by a series of revelatory performances in North America and Europe, established them as a true force to be reckoned with in hard rock and heavy metal. Their follow-up, the aptly-titled Berlin, places more emphasis on the rock ‘n’ roll side of their sound (as opposed to stoner metal) than ever before, echoing the filthy, gritty sounds of Detroit’s Stooges and MC5.

by PopMatters Staff

30 Jul 2015

Now up on  Singles Going Steady, electro poppers Silicon will release their debut album Personal Computer on August 28th via Weird World.

I’m not necessarily entirely huge on the electronic funk that Silicon seems to be bringing to the table, but I can definitely appreciate it for what it is from a technical standpoint. He’s being remarkably clean-cut with their mastering for a debut release, and that’s something that I think will carry them far within their respective lane. A bit too calculated to be quite sensual to me, which seems to be what the song is trying to evoke, though I know there’ll be plenty who’ll dig it all the same.—JONATHAN FRAHM [6/10]

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Blood and Thunder: Black Sabbath’s ‘Sabotage’ at 40

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"In 1975, with lawyers in the studio and a financial empire crumbling, Black Sabbath fought back with their last classic album of the decade.

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