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by Brice Ezell

29 Jun 2015

In light of  the Supreme Court making same-sex marriage the law of the land in the US, prog rockers Coheed and Cambria take the words of dissenting justice Antonin Scalia and set it to sweetly played acoustic guitar, to predictably hilarious results.

Antonin Scalia remains the United States Supreme Court’s most famous curmudgeon. Even more attention-grabbing than his textualism are his vociferous dissents, which often evoke the classic, “Hey, you kids get off my lawn!” mentality. Such was certainly the case with Scalia’s dissent on the 26 June decision on the case Obergefell v. Hodges, the 5-4 call of which made same-sex marriage the law of the land in the United States. With lines like “ask the nearest hippie” (yes, an actual thing said in a Supreme Court dissenting opinion), Scalia made his legendarily cantakerous presence known.

Not ones to let a dissent ripe with humor go to waste. the progressive rock/metal outfit Coheed and Cambria took some choice bits of Scalia’s opinion and set it to music. This undoubtedly humorous interpretation, hosted by Funny or Die, can be viewed in the player below.

by Michael Barrett

29 Jun 2015

As the Criterion  Collection's ever-growing roster shows, there are simply too many great pictures out on home video to know what to do with.

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970, dir. Jaromil Jireš)

We know you’ll sympathize, dear reader, when we whine that Criterion is putting out too many damn fine Blu-rays to keep up with. Pity us, watching masterpiece after masterpiece and having to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, or synaptic impulses into digital space, to explain our insights. It’s all too much.

Sometimes, we just have to give briefer takes on these releases, so here’s ten films to watch and why. Bottom line: All are worth your time.

by Adrien Begrand

29 Jun 2015

The veteran Beach  Boys/Alex Chilton collaborators join forces again on their latest album.
Photo by
Andreas Werner

The credits Stephen Kalinich and Jon Tiven have racked up since the ‘60s and ‘70s are impressive enough to warrant a listen to their new album out of sheer respect. Poet Kalinich collaborated with the Beach Boys as early as the late-‘60s (co-writing the single “Little Bird” with Dennis Wilson), while Tiven has worked with everyone from legends the Rolling Stones and Alex Chilton to contemporary acts like Warpaint and Alabama Shakes.

Together, however, the prolific duo make awfully fine music on their own. Their latest album Each Soul Has a Voice is the result of songwriting sessions that yielded a whopping 700 tracks, and 14 of the pair’s best were chosen.

by John M. Tryneski

29 Jun 2015

The Toronto band  sounds more seasoned on their new album Escapists, which has been four years in the making.

Toronto’s the Autumn Stones released their first album of lush, dreamy and sharply written pop tunes in 2011. That record, Companions Of The Flame, was so beguiling that it left some people (such as yours truly) wondering what the holdup was for album number two. Regarding that follow-up, singer and songwriter Cieran Megahey reports that, “we have a full-time horn player so our sound has a lot more character and nuance. Escapists has been four years in the making, which gave us lots of time to refine and shape it, and give the public something that really is our best work.”

by Adrien Begrand

29 Jun 2015

Blues guitarist Ted  Drozdowski and his Nashville band get the cartoon treatment on their new video.

Nashville-based writer and musician Ted Drozdowski helms Scissormen, a trio that for the past decade, much like the North Mississippi All-Stars, combined the North Mississippi Hill Country blues with raw garage rock ‘n’ roll and even a little hazy psychedelia tossed in as well. Their new album, the excellent Love & Life, follows that tradition set by legends R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, and Jessie Mae Hemphill, only giving the arrangements an even more ragged tone. Those influences can all be heard on the album’s lead-off track “Beggin’ Jesus”, and we’re very pleased to premiere the new animated video here at PopMatters.

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Ten Great Criterion Titles: What to Watch and Why

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"As the Criterion Collection's ever-growing roster shows, there are simply too many great pictures out on home video to know what to do with.

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