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by Cynthia Fuchs

21 Feb 2017

“You’re the ones who decided this is what you were going to do. You mocked us, you’ve done everything you could. You attacked us in an airport, you sidewinded us. So let me make a point here: if you want to stick our head in a blast furnace, do it.”

by PopMatters Staff

20 Feb 2017

James Patterson‘s new novel Humans Bow Down shows us what happens when the world is run by machines and humans are an endangered species. It’s a timely topic as recent remarks from Bill Gates and Mark Cuban have suggested we may need to change our economic system to deal with the very real reality of robots taking jobs away from humans. In Humans Bow Down, the robot/human war has happened and humans need to figure out how to save humanity.

by Sarah Zupko

20 Feb 2017

Pop artist Stolar finds the worldly confines of the Big Apple to be the perfect setting for composing his music with its endless sources of inspiration. Stolar’s sound is utterly warm and contemporary, based in pop, but further refined by his soul and electronic leanings. Soulful electropop, if you will. His latest song, “Paralyzed”, tackles the feeling of being mentally and physically blocked when confronted with the “paralyzing” effects of daily stress, fear, and unease. Like so many fine songwriters before him, Stolar finds his ultimate comfort in music, a place where he can confront his demons directly and honestly and maybe we can too.

by Sarah Zupko

20 Feb 2017

Vienna’s Chick Quest create their unique sound out of a vast array of influences that range from post-punk to Ennio Morricone, NEU!, and the Rapture. An American expat Ryan White formed the group in 2014 with the idea of blending the more dancey aspects of post-punk with the atmospheric, wide-open space sound of classic ‘60s western movie soundtracks. Meanwhile, repeated elements resurface in the music in a manner similar to the compositional techniques employed in electronic music. Chick Quest makes daring and innovative rock music as you will hear on their new LP Model View Controller releasing this Friday.

by Jonathan Frahm

20 Feb 2017

“Singer-songwriter” has been a popular term for the consummate musical artist since, at least, the turn of the 1960s, where a variety of self-possessed singers, lyricists, and arrangers stepped to the forefront of a popular music scene left behind by the crooners of a foregone era. For many enthusiasts of music in today’s modern age, the term has changed to encompass the mainstream pop market a little too much—pitch a line into a formulaic radio hit alongside 15 other people, and suddenly you, too, can be a singer-songwriter.

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