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by Tyler Gould

10 Nov 2009

After helping yourself to the smattering of Please Please Me videos below, why not dig into our feature on all their early albums?

PopMatters will be featuring the Beatles all week, so dive right in and plan on losing a couple hours.

by Katharine Wray

10 Nov 2009

25 years ago this week: Madonna’s sophomore album, Like A Virgin came out and delivered hits “Like A Virgin”, “Material Girl”, and “Dress You Up”, along with plenty of controversy to go with its 21 million copies sold.

“Like A Virgin”


by Jason Gross

10 Nov 2009

People don’t listen to the radio or buy CD’s and mostly listen to music on computers now.  Or so we think.  Actually, a new Nielsen study (quoted in Billboard) says that’s bullshit.  Young people are even buying CD’s and listening them much more than iPods.  All of which doesn’t necessarily mean good news as the market for physical product is still shrinking.  But it’s nice to have a reality check like this every now and then about the state of the biz to correct some misconceptions.

by Katharine Wray

10 Nov 2009

The Pixies stopped by Conan’s new set to plug the upcoming release of their box set, Minotaur. The band’s continuing reunion tour promises to be full of nostalgic hits, if not new material.

by Dave MacIntyre

10 Nov 2009

It was an unseasonably warm November night in Toronto and the humidity inside the El Mocambo had many patrons wearing t-shirts and thirsting for beer.  After a considerable wait, the Fiery Furnace’s guitarist and co-founder Matthew Friedberger stepped onto the stage inciting cheers and whistles.  Drummer Bob D’Amico and Bassist Jason Loewenstein accompanied him.  It wasn’t until they had instruments in hand that Eleanor, the group’s other co-founder and sister to Matthew, made her appearance causing fans to bolster their enthusiastic greeting.  A quick wave from Matthew and the show was under way.  Lowenstein led with a bass line that sent the speakers crackling, making them sound like they would inevitably blow.  A few adjustments on the sound board had things back under control before the rest of the band joined in.

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