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by tjmHolden

2 Nov 2009

Dear All,

It’s been a long time since I’ve written home. Sorry. It’s on account of the two manuscripts that have kept me scratching my head every waking hour for the last ten months. But they are both at the point where I can get them out to publishers; hence, I have begun to hear strains of the road’s siren call, beckoning, once more.

Today I’m holed up in a hotel somewhere in South Korea and so, thought I’d catch you up. Even though it is a two hour flight into Incheon from my abode, one country over, it took me about twelve hours to get from my apartment in Sendai, over to Daejeon, which is where I’m sitting now. For those of you who haven’t traveled here—do! it’s still all good—but just so that you know: the airport in Incheon is a one hour limo ride outside Seoul; and Daejeon—known as South Korea’s Tech City—is another hour by train to the south. So if you are coming this way, be prepared for some seat time.

As an aside, you’d have to think that the one hour trip to work is one drawback for the pilots, stews and stewards based in Seoul who work for Korean Air. Looking at that bus ride either before or after the long day of riding the jet stream to and fro, here and there, would get old rather quick. For those of us with short commutes, that falls on the list of blessings counted.

by Tyler Gould

2 Nov 2009

“Empire State of Mind” is destined to be played in promos for Knicks games. “Let’s hear it for New York!” Alicia sings in the cheesy hook, giving Jay a breather from name dropping every tourist spot in the verses. Why would he title this flaccid song in such a way as to draw comparisons to Nas’ “N.Y. State of Mind”? Is he trying to give us yet another reason to dig up a copy of Illmatic?

by Kirstie Shanley

2 Nov 2009

David-Ivar Herman Düne has a problem.  You see, he’s really a superhero and he has to find a way to tell his girlfriend.  It’s a good thing he’s an apt lyricist or there’d be no hope for the situation at all.  It’s topics like these that separate French duo Herman Düne from other bands concentrating heavily on the singer/songwriter format.  The idiosyncratic makes for great conversational elements and interesting rhyme schemes.  It also helps keep the audience listening and, at times, even laughing.

by Chris Catania

2 Nov 2009

The Afro-Punk tour arrived in Chicago with poet/actor/emcee Saul Williams leading the hip hop, punk and funk tribe to the Double Door.  Openers American Fangs showed tons of passion and promise, but sadly the surly upstarts failed to strike any chords of freshness or uniqueness.  But I feel for them, because having Saul Williams—-the personification of pure originality—-as your tour mate can make most bands seem average.

by Tyler Gould

2 Nov 2009

“Dikembe Mutombo” is from Woodsman’s latest, Collages, out now digitally on Mexican Summer. This song is fairly raucous, and the connection to Mutombo is tenuous, but sometimes it’s hard to tell with instrumental music. It’s entirely possible he laid down some guitar on this track. I don’t know if we’ll ever find the truth.

Dikembe Mutombo [MP3]

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