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by PopMatters Staff

29 Jul 2009

Lemonade offer up a trippy video for “Big Weekend” that, quite fittingly for the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, is draped in the design aesthetic of a 1960s tie-dyed T-shirt.

by Bill Gibron

29 Jul 2009

Be afraid, Twilighters, be very, VERY afraid. A certified franchise killer is coming your way, and it is not a swarthy group of Comic-con nerds complaining about your Beatlemania like overrun of their yearly San Diego geek-off. No, in a surprise move that Hollywood is still haggling over, Bryce Dallas Howard has been hired to replace Rachelle Lefevre as the evil vampire Victoria in the spinster/single gal phenomenon. Initial reports cite “scheduling conflicts” as the reason for the switch (the movies are being shot in rapid, near back-to-back, succession) while others use Ms. Howard’s increased profile and semi-star status as an excuse to up the series’ already ample commercial clout.

But there is another, more sinister possibility out there, a variable that should have everyone on Team Edward and Team Jacob shaking in their sensible shoes - Bryce Dallas Howard is a murderer of movies. She takes established cinematic dynasties and destroys them. Not completely, mind you. Tinseltown never completely buries something it can eventually reinvent, re-imagine, and more or less continue to exploit financially, but given her track record as a performer, Ron Howard’s daughter is clear creative poison. Need proof? Let’s look back at her brief ten years before the camera and see whose legacy she’s saved, and whose she’s left drifting in artistic limbo…

by PopMatters Staff

29 Jul 2009

The Fresh & Onlys
Grey-Eyed Girls
Releasing: 15 September (US)

01 Black Coffin
02 Grey-Eyed Girl
03 No Second Guessing
04 What’s His Shadow Still Doing Here
05 Invisible Forces
06 Dude’s Got a Tender Heart
07 D.Y.
08 Happy to Be Living
09 What Goes in Circles
10 I’m Gonna Be Your Elevator
11 Clowns (Took My Baby Away)
12 The Delusion of Man

The Fresh & Onlys
“Invisible Forces” [MP3]

by PopMatters Staff

29 Jul 2009

Timothy Gabriele said of Zomby’s recent full-length Where Were U in ’92 that it “seems to try its damnedest to replicate a mixtape, or at least the atmosphere of a mix tape. While it’s easy to get distracted by the titular year in question, the aim of the artist seems to be directed more at evoking the sensation and the sense of possibility in ’92 rather than anything specific.” “Godzilla” is a new song up their upcoming EP.

by G E Light

29 Jul 2009

Like the US, the UK has its own such lists of musical geniuses, though their fates are far less hopeful in general. This affect is caused perhaps by the UK’s post-war culture seemingly backward turning from Macmillan’s “white heat of technology” towards Thomas’s “damp smoky coal fire”. This confusedly anti-progressive nature is wonderfully elucidated in Pete Shelley’s “Nostalgia”:

I always used to dream of the past
But like they say yesterday never comes
Sometimes there’s a song in my brain
And I feel that my heart knows the refrain
I guess its just the music that brings on nostalgia for an age yet to come

First up in our run through the early musical geniuses of UK popdom is uniquely someone who is not a star performer but rather a producer first and foremost. What Preston Sturges was to ‘30s Hollywood, Joe Meek was to the late ‘50s/early ‘60s UK music scene: a prolific, wildly successful sui generis auteur, who burned bright but flamed out soon thereafter. Meek’s brightest flame was his first, the hit single of 1962: The Tornados, “Telstar”:

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