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by PopMatters Staff

13 Jul 2009

Our Lady Peace
Burn Burn
Releasing: 21 July 2009 (US)

1. All You Did Was Save My Life
2. Dreamland
3. Monkey Brains
4. The End Is Where We Begin
5. Escape Artist
6. Refuge
7. Never Get Over You
8. White Flags
9. Signs of Life
10. Paper Moon
11. Time Bomb (* Deluxe Only)
12. The Right Stuff (* Deluxe Only)

DVD (* Deluxe Only):
All You Did Was Save My Life (* Live in Studio)
Dreamland (* Live in Studio)
Monkey Brains (* Live in Studio)
Never Get Over You (* Live in Studio)
Refuge (* Live in Studio)
The Right Stuff (* Live in Studio)
All You Did Was Save My Life (Music Video)
The Right Stuff (Music Video)

by Bill Gibron

13 Jul 2009

It’s taken a lot of deep thoughts, and two movies, but this critic has finally figured out what makes Sacha Baron Cohen “funny”. Now, I’m not talking about hilarious in the traditional sense. Only a juvenile would chuckle out loud at the kind of stilted shock tactics the British comic offers up as jokes. After all, if you’ve seen one flopping phallus or anti-Semitic cartoon, you’ve seen them all. Nor am I commenting on the always offered “skewering social commentary” angle to his supposed wit. Running into the woods with rednecks and exposing their narrow minded proclivities is the intellectual equivalent of challenging babies to chess. No, Cohen is funny because he offers up ideas that are tired, obvious, and completely calculated, and then gets those recently born suckers that PT Barnum loved to mention to buy into it freely and openly. He’s not laughing with you. He’s laughing at you!

Let me explain. If you were to walk into a room of right wing politicians and find a couple of complete nimrods that believe the world is flat, evolution is a myth, and that God created man, woman, and organized sports, you’d giggle - but not out of surprise. Many people wear their beliefs so fully on their rolled up sleeves that it’s almost impossible not to see them. No, your titter comes from seeing stupidity so blatantly exposed. For Cohen, this is the foundation of his brand of “funny”. He goes to a meeting of NOW and degrades women. He heads to the Middle East and mocks a known terrorist. He takes a trip to Texas and gets a beer-ed up bar to sing along with a song about dropping Jews down a well. He walks directly into the line of fire and then screams - usually in character - about how horribly hot it is. Now, this is not novel. Anyone could do it. As long as you have the guts, finding hate in a hotbed of prejudice should be a slamdunk.

by PopMatters Staff

13 Jul 2009

Lily Allen has just released her latest video. “22” attacks the misogyny inherent in the assumption that a woman’s life is over once she’s past the full flower of youth.

by Mike Garrett

13 Jul 2009

Let’s face it, some 40 years after John, Paul, George and Ringo went their separate ways, it seems that that there is little that is known about the Beatles that isn’t already known, to crib a phrase from All You Need Is Love.

At last count, there are nearly 500 books in print about the Fab Four, and more keep coming out every year. This begs the question: Do we really need another book about the Beatles?

by C.L. Chafin

13 Jul 2009

Despite being on DFA, despite having a logo that looks like some kind of pseudo-Eg-Banger rip-off, and despite having a name that makes them sound like a bedroom house music project from Sweden, Free Energy is, in fact, heartbreakingly melodic, toe-tapping, Southern-and-glam-inflected rock for stoners in fact and theory. Fans of Big Star, T-Rex, and getting drunk in rusted-out pickup trucks should get very excited.

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