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by Sarah Zupko

14 Apr 2009

Dale Watson is an unrepentant hard country traditionalist from Austin who comes firmly from the George Jones and Merle Haggard school of musical hard knocks. His regular shows at the Continental Club in Austin are always packed affairs (tour dates after the jump) and his live albums are generally some of his best efforts. In true country tradition, Watson also sings trucking songs and has a second volume of road rambling tunes releasing on Hyena Records next week (April 21st.)

Dale Watson
“Truckin’ Man” [MP3]


by Diepiriye Kuku

14 Apr 2009

I’ve started to capitalize ‘White’ in my lexicon, elevating it to an anti-racist category, like Black. Undoubtedly, ‘white’ as a racial category grew out of imperialism and dominance- a holistic ideology to squash others. It is rare that folks reclaim the identity, forming it into anything other than what pop culture has said: bland, mainstream (See 1999’s American Beauty- WASPY asses hung out to dry!). Further aiding whiteness evaporate into nothingness, came the lexicon celebrating ethnicity, diversity and inclusion, which understandably even further silenced and effaced ‘white’.  Interestingly, Martin Luther King always affirmed the category of White and Black, and as cable of engaging in dialogue. Beyond King’s dream, what happens when the ‘white kids and black kids’ playing together (inevitably) grow up and decide to play parents together?

Certainly, my wet dreams aren’t of some wanton tragic mulatto naked on her hands and knees, projecting that very old Plantation style racial order (See the next to last scene of Monster’s Ball). Rather, I fantasize about Mariah, Barack and Alicia. I wonder what it would be like if Mariah took piano lessons from Alicia Keys, and actually started belting out, stomping and mashing the keyboard all at once. How fierce would that diva be then? Or what magic would the two composers compose together? Imagine them rocking the White House. Do you wonder about the kinds of dialogue they would have, and how much it would benefit the public? Imagine a Save the Music concert not sponsored by VH1’s corporate sponsors, but by ‘the people’. Imagine government investing in art education at all levels on behalf of us, ‘the people’. Imagine the Queen of Soul praising a Black president, in dialogue with a nation, before the world stage at his inauguration. Hey Lover, as LL fantasized, it’s no longer just one-way love, anymore.

by Rob Horning

14 Apr 2009

When I was Spain, feeling highly disoriented and confused about how to even want things (though not as much as North Koreans who make it to the South), I began wondering about that favorite alibi of advertisers, that they supply useful, even necessary information to consumers and help them make informed decisions. Of course the information is entirely biased, but since that is so, we can, in theory, generally correct for it and take away a wider sense of our options. Is that something we need, or something that in our pursuit of convenience we have grown accustomed to? Do the costs of information search outweigh the costs of being led astray by deceptive marketing? Would I get enough information about what was going on in the world around me if every message with a commercial slant was filtered out? Does Google serve as a way to circumvent commercially sponsored information, or is it the apotheosis of the commercialization of all information. (Or is it somehow both at once? What would that even mean?)

by PopMatters Staff

14 Apr 2009

Lars von Trier’s newest project is either a thriller or a horror film depending on your outlook. Antichrist stars Willem Dafoe and singer/actress Charlotte Gainsbourg. The film is scheduled for release first in France on 19 August and a trailer was just released.

by Robin Cook

14 Apr 2009

Music journalist. Biographer. One half of the Siskel & Ebert of pop music criticism. Jim DeRogatis shares anecdotes about Lester Bangs and lets us in on some of his guilty pleasures.

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