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by Sarah Zupko

14 May 2009

Miranda Lambert is a huge favorite around these parts and we are eagerly awaiting her new album in the fall. Back in 2007, Lambert appeared at #2 on our year-end list of the best albums of the year and last year she answered our 20 Questions. Lambert’s new single is “Dead Flowers” and she recently performed it on the ACM awards show.

by PopMatters Staff

14 May 2009

Faux Hoax is an indie rock collaborative project with Danny Seim (Menomena), Dave Allen (Gang of Four), John Askew (Tracker), as well as Joe Haege of 31Knots and Adam Gnade of Asthmatic Kitty. Polyvinyl is releasing the debut EP Your Friends Will Carry You Home next week on 19 May and are offering up a free track.

1. Your Friends Will Carry You Home
2. Hippies Will Rule
3. Foxworthy
4. Underwood
*Digital Bonus Tracks

Faux Hoax
“Foxworthy” [MP3]

by Rachel Kipp

14 May 2009

Channel Surfing readers: you owe me. I haven’t watched an entire American Idol results show in years, but last night I suffered through it in order to properly weigh in on next week’s Final Two showdown.

I hate the results shows. They represent everything loathsome about American Idol: excruciating chatter by the judges; shameless product placements for Ford and Coke; and Ryan Seacrest torturing the contestants by dragging out the two minutes we actually care about—who stays and who goes home.

But never have I had so much invested in the next American Idol. No I’m not talking about the debate over Adam Lambert’s sexuality or Danny Gokey’s personality flaws. I like Adam and dislike Danny but the contestant I really cared about this season was underdog Kris Allen.

by Kirstie Shanley

14 May 2009

To say the Twlight Sad’s songs are intense would be a drastic understatement. The heartbreak is on the level of Shakespearean proportions. But while the band is clearly one of the most emotional out there in terms of songwriting, they don’t fit into any emo genre. It’s true that the Scottish quartet paint images of kids on fire in bedrooms (“That Summer At Home I Had Become the Invisible Boy”) and explore the drunken mind (“And She Would Darken the Memory”), but the bleakness of the lyrics is backed by a turbulent sound that touches on shoegaze at times.

Like the disarming lyrics, the delivery of lead singer James Graham’s vocals—both on record and live—has an intensity that is matched by very few. He caresses the microphone gently, but by the end of each set you feel as though he’s confided some of his deepest and darkest thoughts and experiences. There’s no calming peace as the music behind Graham builds to loud heights. The feeling of conflict in the air is augmented with Graham’s frantic drumming done on his knees to create a crashing effect. Despite this, the crucial element of what holds the songs together never fully dissolves and each climax seems a necessary conclusion.

What’s most surprising is the level of accomplishment in the songs. Most bands struggle through their first few albums to create something as completely alive as the Twilight Sad’s only full length to date Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters and still many never quite make an album this devastating. Likewise, it’s an unusual experience to witness something this honest live and the effect is truly memorable.

by Jason Gross

13 May 2009

After rumors were flying yesterday, Paste Magazine finally made it officially- they’re in trouble and need help.  They’re a fine music publication and they do deserve your support- their coverage of rock/roots/films is something we need more of.  And you can say all you want about print being a dead medium but supporting them means that they may be able to continue in some form.

So what can you do?  Well, the first thing is that you can do is to subscribe to Paste.  Not only does your subscription money support them but it also helps them attract advertisers with an increased subscriber base- ad dough is life blood to mags. 

The other thing you can do is to donate to Paste.  Here’s what they offer:

Join 75+ of our favorite artists in the campaign to save Paste and get rare & exclusive tracks as a thank you.

Artists include The Decemberists, Neko Case, She & Him, Cowboy Junkies, Of Montreal, Indigo Girls, Jayhawks, String Cheese Incident, G. Love, Josh Rouse, The Hives, Matthew Sweet, The Avett Brothers, Joe Henry, John Roderick of The Long Winters, Over the Rhine, Bob Mould, Arrested Development, Brandi Carlile, John Doe, Josh Ritter, Marc Broussard and more. We also have a number of goodies (such as signed R.E.M. and Band of Horses posters, an ocean-view cabin on next year’s Cayamo cruise, and more) to give to donors in random drawings.

So please help ‘em out.  You’ll be glad that you did and you’ll be supporting a good cause.  You’ll also keep getting good coverage of music and movies and make sure that other people do too.

ADDENDA: Blurt Magazine has an good, detailed article about the situation at Paste now

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